Tunney Seeks Regulations For Pedicabs

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) is seeking regulations for pedicabs, including a fee, an inspection requirement and certain restrictions.

As CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl reports, Tunney has proposed the regulations. Pedicabs — also known as cycle rickshaws — are often seen along busy Clark Street and other streets in Tunney’s ward, which includes Wrigley Field.

Under the regulations Tunney is seeking, regular bicycle inspections will be required, as will a $25 annual city sticker.

Pedicab companies would also pay the city $175 to operate.

The Chicago Tribune reports pedicabs would also be forbidden downtown before 7 p.m., but a trial program would be allowed to determine whether the vehicles can operate safely in Loop traffic.

Fares would not be regulated by the proposed ordinance, the Tribune reported.

  • mr. lee

    What’s next-regulating manicabs?

  • limod

    If the city is able to find something to regulate, it will. Regulation =money for the city.

  • What!?!

    “Pedicab companies would also pay the city $175 to operate.”

    And what, pray tell, will the city do to earn that $175? What does the pedicab owner get in return for paying that money? Please, this isn’t about public safety or anything else (bicycle inspections for these people….seriously?), this is just another way to get more money. Greedy, money grabbing government at its finest.

    • Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

      And you know the inspections won’t be nice. City inspectors will put 3/4 of the rickshaws out of business.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Pedicabs are a traffic nuisance and safety hazards. These idiot kids couldn’t drive a car, and we let them impact traffic with their over sized bikes. Listen, we have cabs they are yellow and have meters. Pedicabs = QUickest way to go no where fast and probably get hit by a car since those hipsters suck. Addison is too smal, clark is too small to have those morons trying to get people killed to make a few bucks.

    The rickshaw is old technology not useful in a modern world of 2 ton cars. If you get in them pray you don’t die. Plus you are letting potheads and drunks drive you around.

    Tunney for PRESIDENT! An Alderman who actually has common sense and dignity to care for his citizens.

    • roger that

      Tyrone Biggums writes: “Pedicabs = ….. probably get hit by a car since those hipsters suck.

      ……trying to get people killed to make a few bucks.”

      nice way to shoot off your mouth. can you provide information on how many pedicabs were hit by cars? and don’t forget to provide information on how many people were killed from being in a pedicab.

      thanks and you have a nice day.

    • Zippy

      The huge amount of regular bicycle riders is also a safety hazard. I’ve seen drunk bike riders many times!

      Bike riders should display a license and pay a yearly fee, also.

      Bike riders are a HUGE untapped source of revenue for the City.

      • Greg

        “Bike riders are a HUGE untapped source of revenue for the City.”

        Even tho there are thousands of people riding bicycles on Chicago’s city streets, that will never, ever happen.

  • Brotha lova

    Liberal democrats taxing everything they can so they can redistribute them to the lazy brothas!

  • jay

    Always taking more money out of some low-paid guy’s hide. That $$$ will go right into Tunney’s pocket and he will make them pay more next year.

    Why don’t you do something about the skyrocketing crime rate in your ward? I hear that isn’t a priority at all, just lip service.

  • puttin' the little guy out of business

    Oh please!
    Clark and Addison are stuffed to the gills with a majority of

    police cars

    The pedicabs are there for Cub games for the most part, have Ricketts pay for their expensive licenses and fees.

  • delivery guy

    everybody’s in everybody’s way on the north side. i see bike riders smoking cigarettes and talking on cell phones, wobbling all over the streets. they don’t pay a dime to use these streets like everybody else does.

    it’s not the pedicabs, it’s the REAL taxi cabs who cause a lot of trouble with their tailgating, running red lights, and having temper tantrums. you can’t go faster than the guy in front of you.

    please open the sidewalks so the taxi cabs can get through!!

  • Bike of burden

    Pedicabs and bikes a nuisance and safety hazard?!?! Excuse me, but a 20-200 lb bicycle or trike going 10-20 miles an hour on average is hardly a hazard. You wanna talk nuisance? What about a 2000 pound machine traveling 30-60 miles an hour operated by an ape, already blocked out and boxed in to his own personal world, with half a brain on the road, and the other half on his/her cell phone. What about the exhaust coming out of your tail pipes? Or the damage that cars collectively do to the roads that even cyclists are paying taxes to maintain?! I would say sir, that cars are the nuisance! Not to mention oversized party trolleys SUV limos and taxis who sit in our bike lanes (that we also pay taxes for) illegally! They cause cyclist to veer into the other lanes of traffic, and cause a ruckus. There are plenty of cars every where doing similar things to pluck up the flow of traffic so don’t single us out. Also, no pedicabber in this city has ever gotten into an accident and killed someone, automobile drivers on the other hand..

    Bikers hear, smell, and see the streets. Our bodies, inherently hyped on adrenaline, are hyper aware, two to three times as much I’d say as the average driver. We may be “old technology” but that is because bikes have stood the test of muthaf%^$in time! Cars are on the fritz, the industry is in crisis. Bikes are clean energy and cost the world virtually nothing in every aspect! Pedicabbers may appear as a novelty to some people right now, but as the price of fuel becomes less economically viable, you may be glad to know that you can hire a strong and true human being to haul a ton of your friends, groceries, furniture or building supplies or anything across the city for that matter. I use my pedicab the same as people use cars, we are just slower, get over it and lets share the streets. Understand what it takes to haul one of those things and have a little respect. Cars take up more space and do more damage on the road than pedicabs ever will, it is that simple. Get over yourself, you know you are mad tyrone and zippy because your transportation choice is confining and expensive, we are free as a bird :-) Bikes shouldn’t have to pay extra for not polluting and taking up a sliver of space. Furthermore, there are drunks and potheads everywhere, they are performing almost any job or task, even driving SUV’s, yellow taxis and citing your traffic tickets and making your coffee!

    P.S pedicabs fit perfectly in bike lanes when cars aren’t occupying them!


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