Girls Report Being Stalked, Groped At Six Flags Water Park

GURNEE, Ill. (CBS) — Two teenage girls told police over the holiday weekend that a boy their age stalked and groped them at the water park at Six Flags Great America – even after they hid from him in a restroom.

The two friends, a 17-year-old girl from Oregon and a 15-year-old girl from Ohio, were on a group trip to the amusement park last weekend, and were in the Hurricane Harbor wave pool when the boy began following them around.

The boy, who was wearing red shorts and no shirt, began following them around. Then he allegedly came up behind the 17-year-old girl in the shallow end of the pool and placed his hands on her legs and then started to touch the other girl.

The girls moved to the deep end of the pool to try to get away from him.

But they say he came up behind them again, and touched the 17-year-old on her legs and belly. He went over to the 15-year-old and placed his hands on her legs and then touched her in an inappropriate way.

The girls got out of the pool and hid in the restroom to see if he would leave. After a while they left the restroom and the male followed them again.

They immediately located their group supervisor at the Superman ride and reported the incident.

He took them to the security office to make a report. Their parents were notified.

The boy is described as 17 years old and possibly Asian, standing about 5 feet 10 inches tall with a medium build, short black curly hair, brown eyes, and gold hoop earring in his right ear. No one matching the suspect description was located when the girls reported the incident, and the case remains under investigation.

Anyone having any information regarding this incident or suspect should call the Gurnee Police Department at (847) 599-7000 or Lake County Crime Stoppers at (847) 662-2222.

The Lake County News-Sun contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire

  • Me

    Don’t be an as#$@hole Sonnu……….Idiot!

  • lal

    He’s on his way to becoming a sexual offender. If the girls told him to stay away from him and he followed them around and kept trying to touch them, that is a rapist in the making.

  • Caiden

    Look, I think things get way to PC and am shocked by the number of false rape reports that happen. I grew up when Gary Dotson was released from a Chicago prison when the woman who lied about him raping her recanted after finding religion.

    However, it’s insane to say a guy can stalk and grope a woman against her will, even if they are the same age. if this was your daughter or niece would you feel the same? Think about it, he touched them, then later will touch himself thinking about it. Doesn’t that creep you out?

    Look, if he chats them up and he gets shot down that’s one thing, but he should keep his hands to himself. He is a sexual offender, I’m guessing he didn’t grope their arm.

  • American 1

    Why didn’t they beat his ass or go to security if that was my 17 yr old daughter he would have been beaten by her.

  • GM

    You’re out of your mind, billy d. The kid should be in jail.

    • Jim Brock

      Jail? Are you out of your mind? For a little teenage touchy feely?

      • disgusted

        ‘teen age touchy feely” is a mutual occurance, this was MOLESTATION!!

  • Mr. Wizard

    Why would anyone want to go swim in a huge urinal to begin with. Do these people actually believe all those little kids get out of the pool to go to the restroom.

    • Stan

      That’s grose Mr. Justice. You’re not supposed to think about that.

  • Debbie

    I know from personal experience that Great America will do nothing about this. When my daughter was there last year on a school trip, she had her picture taken with Sylvester the Cat and he grabbed her butt. I initially spoke to someone at the park who said they would “do an investigation”, but they never called me back. I left several messages for this person, but he never returned those calls either. My intent never was to sue Great America, but the person in the costume should have been fired, which I’m sure was not the case.

    • been there/done that

      If you feel that your daughter was ‘molested'(that is what it is called when touched without giving permission), why would you call Great America and NOT the police? It is not Great Americas responsibility to enforce laws. And the fact that you even mention the word ‘sue’ tells me that ‘justice’ and law enforcment are not what you are seeking, just retribution.

  • Max

    The whole things is a joke, you don’t think there are 10 thousand security cameras showing each and every individual at this place!

  • BingoBrown

    The kid sounds like a complete loser in the social environment. The girls should have found a male friend to kick his buttooski. He needs a quick lesson to be taught to him that would make him think twice about doing this again.

  • GM

    jim brock you are an idiot. Did you read the story. He stalked them.

    • Jim Brock

      Maybe he was just trying to make the score. Just sayin……

      • Adult

        I sure hope you haven’t fathered any children, either girls who you would teach to accept being molested or boys that you would teach that taking whatever it is they want without pemission is ok. just sayin’

  • irving

    don’t you find it strange, they gave a description, but know one could find a 5’10 asian anywhere in the park

  • yht4


  • susan

    He needs to apply for a TSA job. He can legally grope all he wants with impunity. I think it’s strange everyone is upset about this but you all continue to fly and subject yourselves to the same thing.

    • NOT a terrorist

      You must have a very high opinion of yourself, to believe that any person that would ‘have’ to put their hands on you to perform thier job, would be getting their ‘jollies’. I have no problem what so ever with the TSA.

  • Trishasmith

    I have a bad experience like this 3 years ago. I was being stalked by one of my suitors. It came to a point that he had to do violent things against me. What I did to save myself from being in danger was I never walk alone and I also registered to SafeTREC. It is a panic button alert installed on my phone that if I will be in danger, I will just press it and it will simultaneously alert my trusted friends and family members. If needed, the incident will be escalated to the nearest 911 with my complete information. It is very helpful to me because aside from their panic button feature, I am also able to check the threat level of a certain area and it helps me a lot in keeping myself away from possible danger. If you want to check, this is their site

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