Teen Charged In Elderly Ind. Teacher’s Death

MERRILLVILLE, Ind. (STMW) — A 16-year-old Merrillville, Ind. boy charged with murder in the death of 80-year-old Gary school teacher Anna Schulz was spotted by police the same day of the homicide as he jumped from an upstairs window and ran north into Schulz’s neighborhood.

Royal Dushan Marshall, of the 6400 block of Taft Street, is being held in the Lake County (Ind.) Jail without bond. At his initial hearing before Lake Superior Court Magistrate Natalie Bokota, Marshall indicated that he would be represented by a private attorney.

Merrillville police Sgt. Tim Finnerty recognized Marshall, through his work with Merrillville High School, as the person inside a home in the 6400 block of Taft Street. The screen door to the garage had been kicked in, court records state. When Finnerty announced his presence, he saw Marshall jump from the upstairs window, the probable cause affidavit states. Marshall was wearing black shorts and a white T-shirt.

A neighbor of Schulz’s told police between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Wednesday, he saw a young, thin black male wearing dark-colored shorts and no shirt running toward the Schulz residence on West 58th Place.

Marshall’s girlfriend told police they’d taken Marshall to his aunt’s house in the 800 block of 35th Avenue in Gary. The girlfriend said they had retrieved guns that Marshall had earlier stolen from his father.

Investigators found Schulz’s missing 2003 Cadillac parked in an alley behind the aunt’s home. Inside the car, police found a pair of women’s shoes, which appeared to have blood on them.

Another aunt told police Marshall arrived at her home in the early afternoon wearing black shorts and a black T-shirt but no shoes.

“He was sweating profusely and appeared to be extremely nervous and kept looking out of the window in a nervous fashion,” the probable cause affidavit states.

The relative told police she let Marshall spend the night at her house and took him to buy new shoes in the morning. Police arrested Marshall at about 11 p.m. Thursday in the 4000 block of Pennsylvania Street in Gary.

Schulz’s son, Paul, who lived with his mother, had last seen her alive on July 5 when he borrowed her car. He returned with the car early the next morning, leaving it parked in the driveway, and later went to work. He came home around 6 p.m. Wednesday and found his mother lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen.

Court records indicate Schulz, a special education teacher at Gary Lew Wallace, had her throat cut so severely that the spinal area could be seen through the wound. The woman’s bedroom appeared to have been ransacked.

Marshall’s formal appearance is July 18. He also is charged with auto theft.

If convicted, Marshall faces 45 to 64 years in prison for murder, and six months to three years on the auto theft charge.

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  • rc

    [Court records indicate Schulz, a special education teacher at Gary Lew Wallace, had her throat cut so severely that the spinal area could be seen through the wound.]

    The liberals who think banning guns will civilize the savages are wrong. Criminals will use anything at their disposal to commit crimes. Criminals kill, not tools. Liberals are barking up the wrong tree.

    • Mr. Justice

      I agree with you. For those who think Conceal Carry isn’t helpful for law abiding citizens, just read the following……..Story # 1….Denard Joe was stopped in his car at an intersection when a man wearing a red bandana tapped on the window and pointed a gun at him. Big mistake. Joe, a concealed-carry permit holder, drew a handgun and opened fire through the window, striking his assailant twice in the chest. The carjacker, who had just been released from state prison last November, ran a short distance and then died. (The Ledger, Lakeland, FL, 04/06/11)…….. Story # 2…….Two people had just pulled up to a bank’s drive-through automated teller machine when a man approached them on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The man drew a gun and demanded that the driver withdraw $600 and give it to him. The driver told him the bank wouldn’t allow him to withdraw that amount, but the passenger told the driver to go ahead and withdraw it. Secretly, the passenger just wanted a diversion to allow him to draw his handgun. As the suspect watched the driver withdraw money, the passenger saw his opening. “He reaches over and pushes the suspect’s gun out of the driver’s face and shoots him twice,” said Jackson, Miss., Commander Wendell Watts. The suspect returned fire and the passenger shot him an additional four or five times. The suspect survived, but lost a kidney and his freedom. (The Northside Sun, Jackson, MS, 02/24/11)……. Story # 3……Four young men loitering near a dumpster approached a Wing Zone takeout driver while he was making a delivery. According to witnesses, the suspects demanded money and one of them flashed an illegally possessed gun. The driver, a concealed carry permit holder, didn’t hesitate. He drew his handgun and fired four shots while attempting to run. One of the suspects was shot and fell to the ground. He was arrested at the hospital. His accomplices fled. Two were arrested, and one remains at large. Police said there had been several pizza delivery robberies in that area during a six-month period. (WLEX-TV, Lexington, KY, 03/12/11)…… YES, I KNOW THIS HAPPENED IN THE WOMAN’S OWN HOME. THIS IS FOR ALL THOSE DOUBTERS ARE THERE IN CHICAGO AND ILLINOIS.

      • rc

        Oh wow! Thanks for posting those. Stories like these don’t get much publicity, at least not on NPR and the major media.

  • Jim

    Was this criminal an afro-American ?

    • Leroy Goldberg


      He is a 16 year old BLACK boy.

      • Jim

        Well, it’s just terrible that these highschool juniors are involved in such horribly vicious criminal activity. What the hell is wrong with these young negros? This really is borderline entertainment, just sayin…..

  • Linda

    This story is very confusing. The cop saw the kid jump out an upstairs window the day of the murder but the son found her later. Then the cops arrest the kid the next day, why didn’t the cops check it out when the kid jumped out the window?

    • rc

      There are a lot of holes in the story. Why wasn’t the thug pursued when the officer saw him jump out a window?

      From what I gather, the window jumping location and the later murder site are two different locations. The hideous murder could have been prevented if the savage had been pursued.

  • rc

    It’s all a failure of proper parenting. The result is a proliferation of feral beasts.

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  • germoine

    this happened in indiana, they don’t ban guns there, yet she still died. It has more to do with how they handle people/crime in the state. Is it a surprise it was a black kid?

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