(WSCR) Over the course of the 120 days of the NFL Lockout, conflicting media reports have surfaced several times per week indicating that an end was either on the horizon, or that preseason games would be missed.

Hub Arkush, in a recent interview on the Danny Mac Show, was very critical of media in this regard, and especially towards the popular website ProFootballTalk.com and its editor Mike Florio.

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“I don’t care who reports it first,” Florio said on the Danny Mac Show. “Because it’s going to be something that’s announced within minutes after the first report comes out. This isn’t going to be a Pulitzer Prize thing for whoever gets it. This isn’t Watergate. This is something that’s announced.”

Florio and other media sources jumped all over a recent ESPN report that said a deal could be in place by July 21, a report that Arkush disagreed with.

“I’ve spent that last three days trying to find anything that would suggest it’s not as close as people are saying,” Florio said. “And I can’t get any information that would suggest it’s not as close. I have a feeling it may not be as close, and that the NFLPA is not doing a good job of getting the word out as to where things stand, but I’ve yet to find anything that suggests it isn’t as close as it’s being characterized.”

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