CHICAGO (CBS) — Top school administrators were told Thursday that they will not be getting their scheduled raise for 2011-12.

In an e-mail from Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean Claude Brizard, CPS principals, assistant principals and central office workers will not see an increase to their paychecks, scheduled for Friday.

“CPS is battling an unprecedented $712 million deficit,” Brizard said in the e-mail. “That is why we have made the difficult but necessary decision to forgo scheduled principal and assistant principal pay raises for fiscal year 2012 as well as pay raises for central office employees.”

In exchange, those employees will not have to take unpaid furlough days as they did in the past, Brizard said.

Earlier, the school board canceled scheduled 4 percent raises for teachers. However, many of those teachers will still see separate pay increases because of seniority rules.

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