CPS Students, Parents: Focus On Counseling, Not Punishment

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Public Schools pupils, graduates and parents are asking the system to focus more on counseling and less on discipline.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s John Cody reports, students in a group called Voice told their stories in the Chicago School Board lobby, at 125 S. Clark St., telling of discipline they feel was excessive.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s John Cody reports

“I cut class from time to time, and I didn’t have the best grades, but most of the time I cut class because of my personal issues and then I felt like I needed a break. So one day I got caught cutting class by a security guard and he took me to the disciplinarian’s office,” said Khaleel Pitman, who ultimately made it through Gage Park high.

Pitman said he should have been counseled instead of suspended from school.

Parent Georgina Sandifer says there are schools who need attention from police, but says there is too much reliance on coercion and not enough on counseling.

“The answer is not more police in schools, or harsh discipline practices, but for CPS to invest more than the current $0.8 million to provide more social, educational and emotional support that will give our youth a more positive learning environment and not set them up for failure,” she said.

Voice and the Chicago Teachers Union say the CPS security office budget is 48 times that of the student support office.

  • tom Sharp

    What a bunch bull! Everyone with an ounce of sense knows this behavior starts and is “nurtured” at home. Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for more counselors? Let the parents of the offenders pay for that. Can’t you just see the counselor telling Mr./Ms gang banger not to stab the person in front of them in line!

  • Jim

    The “System” asks parents to parent their children instead of expecting the school system to parent them. Parents need to be role models and if someone is skipping school all the time the parents need to take an active role and discipline their children themselves, in addition to any punishment carried out from the school system. Parents need to take an ACTIVE role in their kids education and not pawn them off so they could get some free time. I know it’s hard to comprehend to some, but children are a lot of work!!

  • Jmason

    Now now the kids need all the help they can get. No what the cost. We can get more money for the poor KIDS. AND IF YOU THINK THAT WAY? You are a big ASS HOLE

  • Mr. Justice

    Isn’t it interesting that 30, 40 or 50 years ago, punishment was handed out not counseling, and if I am not mistaken crime was lower back then. Once again, just another step towards the “nanny” state. The state wants to get as many people as possible to be sucking on the big nipple of the Nanny State.

  • What!?!

    I wonder, if these kids grow up and actually by some stroke of luck get a job, when they don’t show up/ditch work/don’t do their job, etc., will their employers send them to counseling, or will they just fire them? I think that firing is what will happen. Hey parents, how about teaching your little honor student children that the real world will not pamper them like they and you want the CPS system to. Time to grow up kiddies and parents, and put on your big boy pants!

  • Sickofit

    Isn’t this how parents lost control? They are afraid to discipline. Free books, free breakfast, free lunch, free after school snacks and programs, free bus rides, free field trips, and now free counselors.

  • Joe

    All six comments are correct. Parents simply aren’t doing the job. Where parents are doing the job, children and teenagers are succeeding in school. “The truth does not change according to one’s ability to stomach it.” ~ Flannery O’Connor

  • GM

    Not surprising it’s minorities who want more special treatment–and as always they don’t want to pay for it. The “voice” is another liberal group like acorn.

  • Lars

    In a kid’s mind, counseling instead of discipline, is the same as getting away with it. Stupid idea.

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