Arkush: Failing To Sign Kreutz Would Be ‘Biggest Mistake They’ve Ever Made’

(WSCR) Optimistic reports about the NFL Lockout have started to come in with more frequency over the previous few days, leading most to believe that a deal will be reached soon. Once that deal is reached, the Bears will have another big negotiation.

Once free agency opens up, the Bears will have little time to sign the free agent Olin Kreutz to a new contract before training camp begins.

“They’ve got to get Olin Kreutz done,” Hub Arkush, of Pro Football Weekly and 670 The Score, said on the Danny Mac Show. “I mean, not bringing Olin back would be the biggest mistake they’ve ever made.”

Last time Kreutz signed a contract with the Bears he turned down more money from the Miami Dolphins to stay in Chicago. Although it’s hard to imagine a the Bears without Kreutz, who’s been an offensive mainstay since the 1999 season, there was some concern that a deal might not get done.

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“It depends on whether Olin wants it to be done or not,” Arkush said. “I mean, he could say, ‘I want a three-year deal at starter [level] money.’ And they could say, ‘You’re nuts.'”

At this point in his career, it’s clear that Kreutz’s best days are in the past. He’s made 183 starts in the 13 years with for the Bears. His value to Chicago is far greater than it would be for any other team.

“As a center, he is still a better than average center,” Arkush said. “As a Chicago Bear, he’s the leader of that football team, and he is desperately needed in that locker room. And as one of the worst offensive lines in football, he’s about the only thing, in addition of Mike Tice, that makes it workable.

“That’s what makes it an interesting negotiation: He’s got a lot more value to the Chicago Bears than anybody else. I think they’ll get it done. Because I think Olin wants to get it done and I think the Bears understand that.”

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  • Cameltoe Rancher

    I MUST agree.

    It’s no secret that I love Hubie!

    Heck, regarding Olin Kreutz, I remember seeing him as an excited, but over performing a OL in college. As Hub put it in his preview of OK’s draft, Hub described him roughly as “needed to find a weight room” (I apologize if I am misquoting you Hub! When Hubie broke down that draft, he said something to the same effect.

    Fast-forward to game one of 2001 vs. the defending world champs, arguably the best defense ever in the NFL! Rookie (NFL CN) Kreutz earns a 15 yarder to start the first play of the second half in 2001!

    I swore him off.

    Damned fool that I am!!!!!

    GO OK!!!!!

    -CT Rancher

    OK has since become the best Bear CN since Hilgy! The man deserves his props! LONG LIVE KREUTZ!!!!!!!!
    Since then, OK has joyfully took my words and stuffed them up my GEE-GEE!

  • still the grammaticallly-challenged Cameltoe Rancher

    To clear it up, I remember Olin Kreutz as a good college OL.


    The Bears need to find a way to score touchdowns. That is the bottom line.

    Ready for the Hall of Fame Game? WYC?!

    I’m not ready for more global warming. 2011 is, marginally, better than 2010, because it rains, almost, once a week.

  • Ben

    I know it’s rarely done in the NFL, but he should be rewarded for what he has meant to this football team over the course of his career.

    They did this with Urlacher and I wasn’t thrilled at the time but today it looks like it was the right decision.

    The Bears should overpay Kreutz, if needed, to keep this team together.

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