Group Says Ill. State Workers Paid More Than Private Sector Peers

CHICAGO (WBBM) — A free market think tank says pay for Illinois state workers has far outpaced private sector pay over the last 15 years and should be reduced as part of any serious efforts to balance the budget.

Ted Dabrowski, Vice President of the Illinois Policy Institute, says the average state worker now receives $69,500 in total compensation versus $56,000 for private sector workers — a pay advantage for state workers of nearly $14,000.

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Dabrowski says the Institutes research shows State of Illinois truck drivers receive $67,000 versus $40,000 for private sector truck drivers: a pay advantage of 65% for the state truck driver.

And Dabrowski says over a 40-year careers, the public sector worker will get 510 more days off than the private sector equivalent.

  • Chivi

    Stop it already!!! State workers and City workers get their jobs by doing favors for politicians or their families who are City workers get them in. I want a City job. I tried in the past with no luck. Who should’ve I paid off?? Does anyone know?

  • tom Sharp

    There is no easy answer to Chivi’s question. Their are so many areas where powers are divided among State, County and City patronage bosses that it’s hard to find a starting point. In order of power from the City of Chicago’s perspective, it usually starts the Ward Committeeman, then the Alderman, then the Department head, Then the Chairperson of the Committee involved (e.g., Transportation) then the Mayor’s office. Somewhere between all of these lies the offices/departments of the dread Burke, Quinn and Madigan. GOOD LUCK, or GOOD SHOOTING!

  • Jim

    Brought to you by the Masters of the Obvious.

  • Rudy

    This coming from the Illinois Policy Institute whose chairman John Tillman pulls a $175,000 a year salary, mostly to promote himself. AND T’S A NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION! He would be overpaid a 50 grand. Yet he wants to attack government workers typically making less than half of what he gets from a not-for-proft???

    What a bunch of shameless hypocrites.

  • Sickened

    This article is only a repeat of what everyone already knows. Public sector workers are there because they can’t cut it in the private sector and are connected. HIgh pay for little work and little skill. Hit 52 and you can retire with 75% of your pay. Nowhere in the private sector does this happen. Most aren’t going to get any pension. 401k’s are worthless. Taxpayers are paying these ridiculous salaries and lavish pensions. When’s the state going to put an end to this insanity or are they going to just keep raising taxes until there’s nothing left? Remember unemployment is going up, not down.

    • Marty

      Sickened, you are aptly named. Your stats are incomplete and wrong. You cannot retire at 52. “Little skill”? You need a PhD in my job. What have you got? Did you even finish college? “Lavish pension”? Most of that money is MY contribution to MY pension. The other is interest earned.

  • Centurion

    City and State workers also get BUYOUTS OF sick time and vacation time..that is allegedly UNUSED. Hundreds of alleged vacation days unused. Hundreds of HOLIDAY AND SICK DAYS..unused. In the private sector…if you don’t take vacation….thats your choice, they are not going to pay you EXTRA for not taking them. If you did not use a sick day, you will not be paid extra for being healthy. Instead, you will be charged extra every year for BCBS or CIGNA health insurance. The city manager from Bellwood, who had the alleged 10 jobs…also got 4 weeks vacation for each job…that he DID NOT he got a BUYOUT for those vacation weeks. $400,000 worth of alleged un-taken vacation. NOW THAT WAS A SCAM AND A HALF! Let’s not discuss the $100,000 of OT MONEY for a 911 dispatch supervisor. $100 Thou in overtime.
    What city government needs is a good natural disaster so it can start over with some honest people

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