The Docket: Spiegel and LoHo, Thursday, July 21

By Matt Spiegel-

(WSCR) From 9 to 1, these are the thoughts we plan to get to, with tangents guaranteed:

• Guests: Charles Tillman joins us at 9:40 (offseason, ready for camp, HOF game, etc), PED expert Dr. Gary Wadler joins us at 11 (what’s Bautista on, if anything), and Brad Biggs talks Bears plans at noon.

• Adam Dunn tells Yahoo he’d consider quitting, then later in the same article says he would never consider quitting. What is he, a large strikeout-prone Ozzie Guillen? Maybe he finds the DL today, with a deeply bruised psyche.

• An awful loss for the Sox last night, and Ozzie’s post-game rant is pure gold, and we have the full version on the score’s website. The filthy version may find its way out too.

• The Cubs kick back, firmly, on the Pat Gillick rumors. We stand by the story, and dissect their response.

• Mike Quade blames the young, easy targets again. It’s really gutless to vent frustration from a 9-1 loss on your 2 young middle infielders, while laying off “our veterans,” who “are doing a pretty damn good job.” That’s pathetic, and it’s been his pattern.

• I find myself as ready for football as I’ve ever felt. Knowing the place baseball holds in my heart and soul, that’s how bad it’s been.

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