(WSCR) A day after the owners approved a proposed deal to end the NFL lockout, the players are balking, saying the deal the owners approved isn’t the one they agreed to.

So what happened?

Pro Football Weekly’s Hub Arkush, a football expert at 670 The Score, says the owners are simply better negotiators and made a power play move at the right time.

“There’s no question the owners tried to pull a fast one,” he said on The McNeil and Spiegel Show Friday. “And it’s exactly the same thing they did on March 11 of this year that caused the players to decertify the union and started this whole mess in the first place. Now, that was going to happen regardless of what the players did that day, but it’s an identical situation.

“It’s players in way over the heads negotiating with these guys. They owners understand how the process works. They’ve abused the players throughout and they abused them again yesterday.”

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Arkush said the owners realized the league is about to lose millions of dollars if preseason games are lost, so they backed the players into a corner.

“They don’t really care about players,” he said. “I promise you sometime Sunday or Monday they will hug it out and they’ll talk about how, ‘Oh it was a hard battle but everybody wins.’ Everybody is not winning. The players are getting clobbered in this negotiation. That doesn’t mean that it will turn out to be a bad deal for them, but in this case, the owners get it and the players don’t.

“The irony of it is that what the owners did was pretty much inexcusable and everybody is blaming the players for it.”

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