Barber, Okoye Newest Additions To Bears

(CBS) Running back Marion Barber and defensive tackle Amobi Okoye are the latest additions to the Bears, as both players agreed to contracts with the team Saturday.

Barber, who signed a two-year deal, will provide running back depth and could unseat Chester Taylor as Matt Forte’s backup. Barber gives the Bears another receiving weapon out of the backfield as he has 174 receptions in his six-year career, good for 1,280 yards and six touchdowns. His 47 rushing touchdowns over the last six years rank sixth in the NFL.

Okoye also has a good chance to contribute immediately. He started 58 of 62 games over the last four seasons with the Houston Texans, but was cut when the team switched to a 3-4 defense. Okoye only signed a one-year deal with the Bears, but he gives the team some toughness inside. Okoye led the Texans’ defensive line last year with 44 tackles and added three sacks.

  • Fletchguy

    I just don’t get it? who is running this team and why? It looks like a long bad season for the Bears this year with the poor signings this year. We need OL so we get anotther running back with 2 very solid ones on hand. We need a center and we have one who has been here 13 season who will take a one year contract and we do not resign him but our only backup is our best guard who hasn’t taken a game snap since 2005. We need a true number one reciever and we sign Williams a possible number 2 and then Hurd a bench player??We had a great punter in Maynard but out of spite he is cut. We need line backers and we failed to get any..Lets not mention corner and saftey issues..A very poor off season with so much to be had. If this is Angelo then he needs to go and if Martz called the offensive picks he has to go too. I was so excited for the end of the lockout now I am depressed looking at this poorly built team. The entire devision stepped up and we went backwards 4 steps.

  • Jaimie in Hoffman Estates

    Yeah it has me puzzeled! Why Marion Barber? He is old, washed up, whats wrong with Chester taylor? Why dont we get another WR? Maybe Malcom Floyd? What about a DB? Time will tell, i guess?

  • D.O

    lol, what’s wrong with Chester Taylor? Just about everything. Have you already forgotten how terrible he was last year? The guy had the lowest YPC in the NFL for the amount of carries he had.

    We do need a bit more OL help, but letting Maynard go was perfectly acceptable. He’s 37 and came off his worst season in his career. Hurd is an upgrade replacement for losing R. Davis to Detroit: i.e. a special teams guy + backup WR. He’s not a starter. He’s also a good kick return guy, so takes over for D. Manning there since the Bears decided to not pay Manning his big money he wanted.

    Olin its sad to see go, but he’s also heavily on the decline/backend of his career. They picked up a much younger guy. The only issue is getting the OL as they have it now, to work together and know where everyone should be, plus figure out who will be LT & RT.

    So far the offseason has been decent. The Bears didn’t make any huge splash, but really there were only a few players you could have picked up for a splash, but that would have cost a ton of money to do as well – look at S. Holmes’ giant contract he got from the Jets. Highest paid WR now, and never finished in the top 10 in catches in his career.

  • PackerBacker

    Wow, Bears pick up more of Dallas’ trash…. and look how great Dallas has been of late. The only thing worse would have been Tiki Barber. And I’m pretty sure Bears management does not know the definition of #1 receiver and never will. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  • Fletchguy

    Lol they truely do not know what a wide reciever is. The Kreutz thing really angers me. yes he was on downside and not the pro bowler he was but he is above average at center, was a huge lockerroom leader and he knew the system and was a general on the offensive line which are things you can’t just buy. That comes from being here and being hard working. For $500000 the deal should have gotten done. We now have Spencer new to this system, new to the division, new to the team a bad bad move. We did pick up a ton of Dallas garbage for some reason. i much rather would have signed Moss for 2 years at decent money or took a shot at Burris. With Moss he has a chip this year to prove he isnt done and he could give some training to our young recievers and cost would have been minimal. Roy just does nothing for me. I grade the Bears at at C- at best and think they actually went backwards two steps and created more issues then they fixed. Marion I don’t understand. Taylor is a good back but they didn’t use him much at all last year and we had no OL to make any holes.They gave Martz to much control as he wants to do what he did with the rams but with none of the same talent. His 2nd half playbook worked nicely with the Bears and could have opened it up a bit but now it will not work at all.. Long Long sad season.The maynard thing is no one was better at putting the ball in the 10 yard line at soldier field then he was. You just cut your ability for an instant field goal in half now.

  • tdo


    Olin asked for 5 million when the Bears offered 3. The Bears counter offered 4. Split the difference. Olin says no, I need 500k more.

    So he is no longer a Bear. And it is the Bears’ fault.

    Does anyone thing Olin is going to get 4.5 million from anyone else?

    Give me a break. He thought he was worth more than he was. He wasn’t.

    And for one, I was tired of seeing all the pressure up the middle last year.

    Bye Bye OLIN

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