(CBS) Olin Kreutz decided not to take the Bears’ one-year $4 million offer Saturday and now he’s contemplating retirement.

“I am sure I will have an opportunity,” Kreutz told the Chicago Tribune Sunday. “I am just not sure if I want to play for anyone else. Retirement is definitely an option.”

Kreutz said he didn’t turn down the Bears because they only offered him $4 million, but rather because he felt a “vibe” that they didn’t really want him back.

“It felt like maybe it was time to move on,” he said. “I just got that feeling. I have enough money. So the offer wasn’t a big hurdle for me. It was a feel I had, just maybe they wanted to move on no matter what the offer was.”

If Kreutz does not sign with another NFL team before the season starts, there’s always the possibility he could re-join the Bears during the season if they need offensive line help.

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