Toddler Drowns At Aurora Day Care Facility

AURORA, Ill. (CBS/WBBM) — Aurora Police and the state of Illinois are investigating the drowning of a 2-year-old girl at a day care facility.

The private day care facility at 2735 Squaw Valley Trail had one adult in the home, with seven children in her care — plus her own three children, according to Aurora Police Spokesman Dan Ferrelli.

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“As this time, it does not appear that she was licensed to run a day care facility,” Ferrelli said. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services was still checking on that Tuesday evening.

Ferrelli says 2-year-old Abigail Holland drowned in an above-ground pool – and even though there was a gate outside the pool, a pool toy had been leaning against the latch – making the latch inoperable.

DCFS Spokesman Kendall Marlowe says DCFS investigated a neglect allegation against the day care owner a few months ago.

“DCFS had an unfounded investigation against this babysitter concerning several children, including the deceased child, in April of this year. No credible evidence was found to substantiate the neglect allegation at that time.”

Marlowe says investigators believe it was about 20 minutes from the time the day care owner last saw Abigail – to when her body was discovered.

  • Kathleen


    • Maria

      there are unannounced visits, follow up, apperantly she was in the middle of getting her license. in Illinois you can watch 3 unrelated children with out a license.

  • Valerie Blanchette

    How awful for the parents of this child and for the daycare provider as well. I’m sure she feels horrible for the accident. I’m definitely praying for both parties.

    • Charge them both

      Praying both get charged with child endangerment and neglect. The parent or guardian that failed to ensure the day care provider was licensed and registered. And the people operating the day care without a license that obviously did not have the credentials or proper training. The parents and guardians of the other children should also be charged for knowing the illegal activity and endangering their children. The neighbors should have reported it, too.

      • Andrea

        It amazes me how ignorant some people are! How dare you insinuate that this child’s parents did not do everything in their power to protect their baby. As you can see by some of the other posts on here, this woman was an incredibly good liar…Good enough to have so many other people believe she was worthy of watching their precious children. Who lies about this stuff???
        Dcfs never informed them of the fact that she was operating an unlicensed facility and that she had multiple other complaints against her. Nor did they follow up on any of it. If the parents were informed they would have had the option to remove their children from this dangerous situation.
        There WERE 10 kids in the house! Most of the parents were not aware if this due to staggered drop off/pick up times. Do you think anyone would knowingly leave that many children with 1 adult? She duped everyone.
        I am assuming you are not a parent, because if you were you would know that you cannot protect them from everything, despite your best efforts. People lie, accidents happen.
        If you do happen to be a parent, I would like you to consider how hurtful your comment would be if god forbid you were on the receiving end if it.
        My heart and prayers go out to the family who loved this little girl.
        I hope this woman gets what she deserves.

  • Roberta Waker

    One woman in charge of TEN children, including three of her own with an unsecured pool running an unlicensed daycare facility and she’s not in JAIL? The parents should have checked to see if she was licensed and how many children were in this daycare; DCFS should have followed up; and the City of Aurora should have made sure the pool was legally secured. Many people are responsible for the death of this little girl; but nothing can bring her back now. Charges need to be filed, jail time served, and fines levied so this NEVER happens again. Our condolences to the family of this little girl.

    • Tyrone

      One woman watching ten kids is not out of the ordinary, half of the ghetto mamas do it every day, and you see their kids turn out just fine. HaHaHa.

    • Maria

      She had 7 children in the daycare 3 of her own which means 4 unrelated SHE WAS OVER HER LIMIT BY 1 CHILD. You can watch 3 unrelated children without being licensed. Its not like some daycares out there that have 12 and 13 children with none being their own and not being licensed a daycare home can have up to 8 children total including the daycare providers.

  • iris

    How sad. Too many children for just one person. Rest in peace little angel. Sympathy to the family.

  • Lea Lackey Pastewski

    If the parents had complained to DCFS due to concerns about neglect why the hell did they continue to bring their kids back there. As a parent, There is no way I would have sent my kid back to a place that I felt was abusing or neglecting my child. Doesnt the state have a rule about how many kids one person can watch at a time for daycare regulations? Licensed or not, DCSF should have known this??? Prayers go out to the famiily of the child.

  • ucity88

    How did DCFS investigate previously and not know THEN that the day care was not licensed? They should have shut it down IMMEDIATELY!! That poor girl…

  • Stacey

    She was actually licensed. I interviewed her two days ago and thre fire marshal had been there. The headline is sensationalistic, because it makes people pay attention. The caretaker also only had three children that she was watching. She has four children of her own, and they likely had friends over. This is Irresponsible journalism. My heart breaks for that toddler and her family.

    • Virginia

      She was NOT licensed, coming from one of the parents who had her 2 children there. She was denied licensing numerous times for allegations against her un-licensed daycare. She more than likely had the fire marshal there because she was once again trying to get licensed. There is a reason why this woman could not obtain a license. She is a liar and will pay for her carelessness.

      • e

        did you have your children under her care and for how long. Our daughter was also there for a brief time….if you are interested, I would like to connect.

  • mamanjolie

    That all may be well and true but she actually had 4 children in her care that day including the toddler that died. I think some people on here believe that they’re perfect parents, and never make mistakes. To insinuate that other parents knew the place was dangerous, yet kept send their kids back is absurd. DCFS charges that are unfounded are not revealed to the public so no parent who’s child went there would know of this. Hindsight maybe 20/20 but it will not bring back a dead child or comfort her grieving parents. Maybe people should think about the other children who witnessed this tragedy and the parents who’s child was taken from them far to young.

  • Aurora Day Care Where Toddler Died Had No License « CBS Chicago

    […] Aurora Police Spokesman Dan Ferrelli said Abigail drowned in an above-ground pool – and even though there was a gate outside the pool, a… […]

  • J

    This is so sad. My prayers are with everyone in this situation. You MUST always have your eyes on every single child at ALL times. It only takes matter of seconds for a child to get into something that can harm them or kill them. I have a 2 year old and I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. My thoughts and prayers go out to the little girl and her family.

  • e

    Sadly we had our daughtrer there for three months before pulling her. We are responsible and love our daughter more than anything. I guess I am just wondering if any other parents are interested at all in connecting.

    • Virginia

      Yes, i would like to connect.

      • e

        i will get an anonoymous address set up….i asked all the right questions, she said she was working on her teaching degree….no tv was not ever on…kids were in basement at all times with her…i saw a ” curriculum”….she told me she was licensed for 6 kids i believe….was on the dcfs food program…..i got a daily report every day…she gave me an official looking was clean…she lied right to me over and over…wow…i asked about the pool…i saw the gate….am horrified and so angry with myself…my most perfect baby was in her hands…this one is too close to home….we saw her out one nite on a fam ily walk and she gushed sbout how much she missed my daughter and how she had grown…stupid me….how could i have been so had…i thought i was smart…she lied over and over

  • e

    if anyone would like to get connected about this please email me at…
    we would like to talk with other parents who had worked with tracy..

    • Virginia

      You have email.

  • April

    For those who think she had four in her care, please read the article again. It says that she had seven children PLUS her own three. That equals ten. I am a home child care provider, and I would never dream of trying to watch this many children at once, and if I had a pool, my back door would have an alarm.

    When daycare children are at my house, my doors are LOCKED at all times. I can’t imagine a scenario where I would have a two year old out of my sight! Shame on this woman. This is neglect – pure and simple.

    • Virginia

      Thank you!!!!!!!

  • mamanjolie

    Forgive me I meant to type at least 7 children paid to be in her care that day. Plus if you read any of the other report there are conflicting storys on the amout of childrenthere that day and their ages. Regardless, of what is said she broke the law by running a unlicensed daycare and got caught for the second time because a child died. Nothing will change that fact and the people people who withnessed what happened and are living with it.

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