CHICAGO (CBS) — As hot and muggy as it was on Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, was out-and-about again, but this time doing something he ought not have to do – knocking on doors to remind parents to send their kids to school.

The most important – and likely the busiest – person in Chicago is facing a budget $635 million in the red; crime and violence in the streets; garbage and rats in the alleys; too many expensive aldermen in the City Council; and too many city employees he has to fire.

But he was hoofing it to the neighborhoods to beg parents to send their kids to school because children need to learn and because attendance at the first day of school helps determine the amount of state aid to public education.

With a plate already too full, Emanuel has to spend his time schmoozing parents – thinking for parents – about the value of education.

Come on, mom and dad, think for yourselves.

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