Walter’s Perspective: Enough With The Celebrating, Mr. President

CHICAGO (CBS) — On my way to sleep tonight, I’ll think of how special a day it’s been for the president of the United States -– his birthday. And oh, what a blast it’s been; in fact, still is.

After his party last night in Chicago, he was at a party this afternoon in Washington, and he’s at another party tonight. And there are more birthday parties on tap for the weekend at Camp David. Truly, an Obama-birthday-palooza.

And the First Lady is sending emails to millions, asking us to wish him a happy one by supporting his campaign for re-election, while outside of Washington and the parties, more jobs are being lost and budgets and life-saving programs being cut.

And the stock market is off more than 500 points, and our 401Ks are being smashed to bits.

The president says he cares about those things, and I believe he does. So my birthday wish is that he act like it.

  • billyd

    I truly believe that Obama has no ability whatsoever to feel empathy for others. He’s one cool customer, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. There’s no “there” there. He’s an empty vessel.

    • John

      Yes, Pres. Obama does have empathy for others. Example: Bush and Cheney would be in jail for crimes against humanity. ie: torture!. So yes he does have empathy for others. Oh, what is there’s no “there” there all about? I don’t see anything you wrote having to do with “there”.

      • US Citizen

        You’re an idiot! There was no torture. Nobody was physically injured. You can’t treat a terrorist like a little girl. Don’t forget, these were people who should have been shot where they were found. Have you already lost your anger over the 911 attacks?

  • James

    My 401 took a big hit. Time to get back to work !

  • Troy M. Paul

    It’s time for Walter Jacobson to go somewhere and sit his old washed ass down.
    Had this been any other(white) President he wouldn’t have said damn thing!


      HE IS A MUCH WHITE AS HE IS BLACK.Wake up this guy spends more tax payers dollars on birthday travel and vacations in a yr then more then ill make in a life time.Obama will go to prison for raping this country

      • Patcy

        Seriously dude, you need to pay closer attention. It’s been the republicons, along with the super wealthy, who have been raping this country for decades. President Obama is trying to save this country. Republicons and the Koch brothers don’t care about you … unless you’re ultra wealthy of course. If you vote and/or support any of these thieves, you’re truly a moron.

      • John

        Did you read what Patcy wrote? Well read it again!!! Oh by the way, what is with that opening commentWhat are you trying to say? Nothing you wrote after that had to do with your white black commentT Going to prison for raping this country?? How dare you make that horrendous comment! It was our president who, sad to say, kept your Bush and Cheney out of prison for crimes against humanity and raping my country!

  • Troy M. Paul

    It’s time for Walter Jacobson to go somewhere and sit his old washed up ass down. Had this been any other(white or Jewish) President he wouldn’t have said damn thing!

  • Ant Evans

    Honestly, Walter this is rude. You only turn 50 once. It is his day to relax and praise that he is a live and still well to be President of the United States on this day.

    It is not fair to see him being embarrassed by Congress on a daily basis and he gets all the heat. Why he can’t take 1 day off to be himself: a human being with a life and emotions to step away from the stress of Washington and celebrate a birthday, which is so often heard being put in jeopardy at all times for making rough and aggressive decisions?

    Give HIM A BREAK WALTER!!!!!

    • John

      Good comment!! What President Obama was put thru, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. He sure deserves a day or two, to enjoy himself. These partys were for him by his friends.

  • WithGrace

    Walter, I completely disagree. The president is allowed to celebrate a milestone such as his 50th birthday. Lighten up!

  • Reg

    I think Walter Jacobson is way over the hill in making those comments. The money spent has been miniscule in comparison to most of the other presidents. I think Walter has been messing with the spirits again, and is out of control and looking for a fall guy.

  • Comic Book Guy

    Ok, so the President took an extra day to celebrate a landmark birthday. Can everyone honestly say that he hasn’t been working since he took office?
    If you want to look at a president who took too many days off, and whose decisions lead our country to financial disaster, go to Texas and find George Walker Bush. Let’s not forget that despite funding an expensive military campaign, in which we attacked a country that was not involved in the 9/11 attacks, a majority of our citizens continued to support Bush by re-electing him. These people didn’t appear to be concerned about cost until Obama came into power. ( At least, 9/11 victims received justice in Obama’s first term).

    The President is concerned about our economy. Unfortunately, many countries have lost confidence in our economic leadership because of the bipartisan circus which took place when Obama requested the increase to the debt limit. If we are to continue to be a global economic leader, all parties have to do a better job of working together.

  • John

    Thank you for your reply

  • whwh

    I think obama is disconnected from the people now..

    • Ant Evans

      Can you explain what your concern here

  • Chivi

    Walter, you are probably having a bad day!! All of us who are going through rough times are still enjoying the things in life that we have left!! You can’t skip celebrating one birthday ’cause it’ll never come back. The persident deserves just like we do!! We can and he can!! Why don’t you try being president and see if you can!! NOT!!

  • Choclatecooki

    I agree Chivi. Even the poorest people celebrate their birthday. There are people going through rough times and have been even before Obama was president and who was worried about them? Times are going to get better, if the well off people are so worried about losing what they have, give some to debt relief. By the way, I signed the birthday card for the President.

  • Sherlean McClendon


  • working man

    Walter dry up

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