Public Hearings Coming On Planned Hike In Illinois Tolls

CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois Tollway officials say the public will get its chance to sound off on proposals to raise the tolls to help fund a $12 billion capital construction plan.

As WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, more than a dozen hearings are scheduled.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

Tolls would nearly double for I-Pass users, and go up for all tollway drivers in the 15-year plan approved by the Toll Highway Authority board.

The revenue would fund projects such as widening and reconstruction on Interstate 90, and maintaining existing roadways.

But some have complained the size of the toll hike was a complete surprise. Toll Highway Authority chair Paula Wolff doesn’t deny it.

“That’s a fair comment,” she said. “I don’t think that we did have a full discussion of the amount of the increase. That’s what the purpose of the public hearings actually is.”

But Toll Highway officials say the higher tolls are needed to maintain the system and move it forward.

Wolff and Tollway executive director Kristi Lafleur are the guests this weekend on “At Issue.” You can hear more of their comments on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

  • Jim

    Welcome to Illinois, the TAX Capital of the nation! Our motto is “if you earn it, we’ll find a way to take it!” Keep these Democrats in office morons!

    • Geri

      I can not believe this. I am already mad that I spent over 2 hours on 294 yesterday just to get from O’Hare to 95th street exit. This is rediculous. Now you are asking me to pay more to sit in traffic. Hell No!!! Why not try putting a train from the southwest side to the northwest side. Something that would make it more easier for us commuters. I was recently laid off and I had to take a job that pays 50% less now you want me to pay more to get to work, I wouldn’t be able to afford it, I would have to quit my job. Something else needs to be done.

  • Geri

    I can not believe that I would have to pay more to ride on our own highways. Yesterday I was on 294 for over 2 hours just to get from O’hare to 95th street and they want me to pay more. I do not think so. Why not try putting a train from the Midway area to O’hare area something that would make sense to us commuters. I would have to quit my job if I have to pay more in tolls. I just recently was laid off from a job and I had to take a job that was 50% less money and now you want me to pay more just to get to work. No way!!!!

  • dave

    i cannot believe you want me to pay more to sit in traffic jams. i 90 to rt 53 is the worst. the cta should extend the blue line to woodfield. people that always drive 40-45 should be forced off and told to drive instead on higgins. i pay tolls now and the tollway is in poor shape yet last year i sat in a traffic jam going to palatine at 1115pm.

  • Matthew Joseph

    didn’t Quinn sign a recall bill? It’s time to use it!!!!!!! How about before raising any new taxes or fee’s you make cuts just like every other person in this state had to do. HOW about cutting back 10 men for one pothole or 20 state employees standing around watching one person work. No wonder people are running away from a state they have been born and rasied in. Even though Ex Gov Ryan may have been a crook the state was in a hell of alot better shape than it has been with the Socialist in office.

  • dave

    Quinn backs the plan. get the slowpokes off the tollway then. i dont like sitting in back of a slowpoke going 50 mph in the 3rd lane and will not yield as the law says to do . impose the give the right of way law. it slows all of us down.

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