Band ‘Portugal. The Man’ Loses Trailer To Thieves At Lollapalooza

UPDATED 08/09/11 9:12 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Psychedelic rock band “Portugal. The Man” saw their trailer full of gear stolen after they played Lollapalooza Sunday night.

The trailer was later found, but it was hardly a happy ending.

The band, who are based in Portland, Ore., but are from Wasilla, Alaska, had been playing at the festival when their trailer was stolen from an attended lot in Grant Park, according to a band tweet.

The thieves took the band’s Red Ford 15 passenger 350 van with a black trailer attached, and Alaska license plates FJH244.

Police found the van and trailer on Monday night. It was recovered in the 5800 block of South Paulina Street in the West Englewood neighborhood.

Everything that had been inside the trailer was gone.

“Portugal. The Man” recently came out with their sixth album, “In the Mountain of the Cloud.” They were onstage at Lollapalooza at 5 p.m. Sunday on the Sony Stage near Balbo and Lake Shore drives.

  • Nat


  • Cousin Eddie

    Here is a solution: Stay out of Chicago! That is all this says. What a stank hole.

    • Spanky

      Just look at the schools, unemployment, segregation, crime, etc..

    • Dave

      Chicago is a great city. Being from the South, I’ve recently visited it and found the downtown area to be a wonderful place. Unlike some other large cities (Nashville, Atlanta, etc), Chicago didn’t have bums chasing you down in the streets demanding money. It has a good public transportation system and is SAFE. Nashville, controlled by Republicans, is a cesspool by comparison and with less than half the residents!

    • Edward Riepe

      I have lived in Chicago. You must have never been to Rush Street. Bums begging everywhere. I haven’t been there in ten years but I hear it is worse now.

    • Dr. Simple Answer

      Atlanta suffers from the same malady as Chicago, liberal democrats running the show. And, just for Dave, Nashville’s mayor is Karl Dean, a democrat.

    • Dave-o

      @Dave: You’re clueless. Well, partly so: Atlanta is a cesspool just like Chicago – so you’re spot-on there, but you forgot to mention Detroit and Memphis (also cesspools). But I have been alone in downtown Nashville quite late at night many, many times, and have always felt completely safe. And Nashville isn’t exactly a ‘big city’ as you call it: Nasville/Davidson County has <700k residents, and the entire 13-county Nashville metro area has less than 1.6mill. Which leads me to believe you are both clueless, and a Yankee, in contrast to your 'being from the South' statement, because anyone from the area would never call Nashville 'a big city.'

    • Casper

      I’ve been out of Chicgo for 18 years. Living in the great town of Cincinnati now, and loving it. Chicago, like most other cities, has been infested and ruined by Democrat machine-style politics. Sure, it has a pretty face (downtown, parks along the lake, etc.),but it’s a different story out in the ‘hoods

    • Jenny

      Dave, I’ve lived in both Nashville and now Chicago. No comparison. In Chicago, we’ve now been encouraged by our employer to not wear “excessive” jewelry, or carry cell phones, tablets , etc., for our own safety. We work DAYS! I was walking with my 22 year old daughter and we weren’t chased down the street by homeless….she was pinched on the rear by one! Chicago is now a complete train wreck. No money, no jobs. The teens now see robbery and violence as a way to get even. I’m not sure how you fix THAT kind of mentality.

      • Casper

        Thank God for the 2nd Amendment.

  • rovibe

    I’ve played in many bands. This happens EVERY DAY to bands big and small. I can’t believe they still allow this to go on. Spend a lousy 300 bucks on a GPS device that can be monitored in real time on the internet. The thieves will never know you’re following them straight to their homes. How about making roadies trade off trailer monitoring duty? The show’s only a few hours, give someone a lawnchair and some food and make them sit there. Stupid for this to happen.

    • dadscooking

      These are all really good suggestions. Way too much common sense for a rock and roller.

      • Spanky

        They’re probably against union rules.

      • dads cooking made you FAT

        What about all the countless crimes committed against people who are not “rock and rollers” that could have been prevented with a little common sense every day? You don’t have to worry though, there’s no crime against stupidity so you are safe.

    • Bill in Tennessee

      Nah, they’d rape and kill the roady, eat his food, and STILL steal the trailer. It’s the new Obamanation at work…. how do you like the HOPE and CHANGE so far?

  • Margie

    @massmurderer, Your attempt at humor is a sorry one at best!

  • DIhipster

    start walking hipsters!

  • Gary

    in Chicagoland…there is no such thing as personal property, it’s a spread the wealth community – where what’s yours is mine & what’s mine is yours – I can be you & you can be me…it’s all about social justice, so just relax man!

    • Spanky

      The thieves are just community activists who are redistributing the wealth.

    • some_guy_east

      Is this the urban iteration of rideshare?

  • Curious

    @joe, What is the Drudge Report. Also, I don’t see any racism here, are you sure you are on the right story?


    • Spanky

      “I don’t see any racism here”

      Some libunatics consider any post which doesn’t praise Obama to be racist.

  • syd

    Sad that they lost their gear.
    However, this is not “psychedelic” rock at all.
    Third-rate Gangly Moose ripoffs if you ask me.

    • jimbo

      And that’s relevant why?

  • Ben

    Lollapaloozers, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch…………

    • beedogs

      Hope it happens to you next. What a piece of garbage you are.

      • nunya

        Hey bud, if your white its happening already! Hail Obama!

  • kiki

    Stop Liberal-on-Liberal Crime!

  • Lollapalooza. Peace, Love and Grand Theft Auto.

    […] get ripped off. So much for the encore. Last night the band “Portugal. The Man’ had all their gear stolen. They were playing Lollapalooza  in Chicago. Now they will be calling their insurance agent. […]

  • dan

    If they saw their trailer getting stolen why didn’t they run after it?

  • chicagoan

    Joe – you seem to the only one with prejudices commenting thus far; everyone else is stating fact. Now, if people are stating facts that you don’t personally like then that would be your personal problem. Chicago is ripe with children mobs made up of all races not to mention the run-of-the-mill thieves. Maybe your head is too far up your arse for you to realize this…. again, a personal problem.

    • gaymedia

      I wonder if you might mean “rife: instead of “ripe”…depending on how often the criminal gangs, of no special race, bathe, I suppose.

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    “Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good. ” ~ H. L. Mencken


    • Casper

      Nice quote from my favorite old-time liberal journalist from Baltimore City.

  • Booger McCoy

    Let us hope their new album sells as well as their previous efforts, so that they may quickly replace their stolen belongings. *Burp*

  • Steve

    The cesspool called Chicago!!!!

  • krissy

    WELCOME TO CHI-TOWN!!! now u know why they call it the windy city…your stuff is gone with the wind!!!

  • dylan

    Like hey man, these musicians are way too pre-occupied with material possessions.

  • Yeah

    Whether you like the band or not isn’t the point…music is subjective. Either way, they’ve worked hard enough to get to the point where they’re playing one of the largest festivals in the country. No one deserves to have their van or gear stolen, no matter how much you might not like someone’s music.

    Clearly the right-wing commenters don’t have the empathy the Bible teaches (how ironic), and are instead using the opportunity to make snap judgements.

    • Slam1263

      Most of us “Right Wingers” don’t live by a book of fiction.

      • Dave

        Actually, the Right, by and large, has more Bible-worshippers than the Democrats.. Ever heard of the “religious right?” They’ve decided each GOP candidate since Reagan.

        But I agree with you’re sentiment, it is a book of fiction. I am, also, a Republican.

      • tredglx


        But you didn’t know Karl Dean was a Dem.

        You are no Republican. Your posts give you away.

    • mlite9

      Read the Bible, do you? Or just mention it when it serves your purposes…Bet you can even (mis)quote a scripture or two in a pinch.

    • dapower

      empathy, schmepathy…it’s par for the course in Chicago. If someone sees an opportunity to rip you off, they will take it! Sure, it happens in other big cities too, but Chicago is where it is practiced daily and has become an art form.

    • Edgar Friendly

      ah, the on-cue slam at Christians now. How appropriate for a story about rockers getting their stuff stolen.

      Just hang on…the your friends the mooslims will allow all the concerts and drugs and sex you want. /

      How stupid and childish you people are.
      Now say something about George Bush and facists…

    • nunya

      I would rather misunderstand the Bible in every aspect of my life than adhere to the utopic socialist idiodicy promoted by you and yours.
      Now for a generally ignorant comment, as you are on that wavelength.

      Clearly the left-wing commenters dont have the understanding that Karl Marx teaches (how ironic) on weatlh redistribution, and are instead using this opportunity to bash a religion.

      You bigoted hypocrit, clearly these people were just taking what was already theirs.

    • Casper

      Like you just did?

    • freeform_deformation


  • dam

    Ah, the ol’ preemptive strike! You tell them Joe. Sooner or later there would be a comment about how blacks or Hispanics stole the van and trailer. Whoa! See? You were right!

  • Michael

    None of you know what happened here for sure, so lay off the racist nonsense. They may have even been illegally parked unknowingly and their van could be sitting in impound somewhere on the south side. Regardless of what happened, this sucks. Being in a touring band and having your van and gear go missing like this is about the worst thing that could possibly happen.

    • Slam1263

      “when their trailer was stolen from an attended lot in Grant Park”

      Uhm, Second paragraph.

      Reading, it’s fundamental.

    • dam

      Isn’t a reference to the South Side, in and of itself, a racist inference?

      • Casper


    • beedogs

      Heh, Drudge linked to this. All it’s going to be is racist nonsense in the comments, because his readers are a bunch of dimwit racists.

      • Casper

        Stop projecting beedogs and don’t be so cynical this morn.

  • Starman

    All those of you who are blaming the “rock and roll hipsters” for the theift should wake up. I own an audio/sound company and had my trailer stolen last year with $30000 or so of sound and light gear in it. That stuff doesn’t just fall off of trees folks. I had spent the last 10 years with MY money outfitting that trailer…many hand made items like special cables/adapters to connect anything to anything and a really nice set of main speakers built by me was also in that trailer. I’m a serious business man who may be doing the battle of the bands one week then a business conference the next to DJing a wedding the next The slacker hipsters rarely own al the stuff you see onstage save the instrument in their hand. Local sound companies are usually hired to setup stage, mixers, speakers, lighting blah blah blah. And I can tell you the good stuff dont come cheap.

    Sorry but this touched a little nerve with me. There’s a special place in hell for someone that brazenly takes somone elses property.

    • some_guy_east

      Is NOT having an inexpensive GPS anti-theft device a rock & roll thing like a motorcycle jacket?

      • dave

        A seasoned thief will easily remove those devices and destroy them. They have detectors for those.

      • TomB

        So blame the victim. Thats about par for the course.

    • Casper

      Amen, brother.

  • James Benoit

    Aw, shuddup. As for the racial identy of the perps – it’s CHICAGO.

    Do the “math.”

  • James

    “Hey, I’m glad you liked it, sweetheart….Yeah, I felt like we played a pretty decent set tonight, thanks. Hey, why don’t you come back to the trailer? We’re gonna spark up a spliff and have some beers. It’s just over…um, it’s over here, it’s uh, I think it’s here–HEY GUYS! WHERE THE HELL IS THE TRAILER?”

  • Phil Mckracken

    Joe – Where’s the racism?
    Oh I get it – It’s everywhere, right Joe?
    Well, here you go – My guess is that Joe is Polish.

    • Ben Dover


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