Clerk Mendoza: Get My Staff Out Of Roach-Infested Office

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza wants her staff removed from the basement of City Hall, due to a persistent problem with cockroaches.

Mendoza tweeted Monday that it was “time to clean up, move out of the city Clerk’s City Hall basement, and ask the Orkin Man for help.”

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A photo she shared on Facebook showed two large cockroaches lying on their backs of the floor of the office. A broader shot showed at least seven cockroaches scattered on the floor, around the cables for the computer system in the office.

Mendoza and about 30 others work on the first floor, but most of her staff is in a basement that, to compound problems, is already poorly ventilated.

Mendoza didn’t mince words during in an interview with CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez later Monday.

She said the insects her staff members have encountered are “Jurassic Park-size roaches.” She has called on Mayor Emmanuel for help moving all of her employees upstairs.

“I wouldn’t want to work like that. I’m sure none of your viewers would want to work like that,” Mendoza said. “(The mayor) has given me his commitment that he will work with me to make sure we can get our employees out of there as soon as possible.”

The roaches are not a new problem in Mendoza’s office. The Chicago Tribune reported back on May 16 – the day she was inaugurated along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other elected city officials – that the office had a roach problem and that she wanted to get her employees out of the basement.

“We have live roaches and usually in the morning there are a lot of dead roaches laying on the floor,” says city clerk employee Monica Carranza, who has worked in the basement for four years. “It’s disgusting.”

She is thrilled at the prospect of moving.

“Everybody really appreciates the fact that we might have some sunshine and less roaches,” she said.



    • notfromcorruptchicago

      no worries Chicago employees…those are you new Mayoral staff members. They love eat, talk, and breathe poop.

      • Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425

      • Bruceapilot

        There you go!

      • Freiburg

        If they’re not already registered to vote, they will be . . . too much of an opportunity to let pass by. Next we’ll hear from PETA and the ACLU in support of the critters.

      • roald

        Barry – What is this unrelated nonsense doing here? For a complete debunking of this misinformation, see

        In brief:
        – she is not an expert in the methods used to create the pdf file
        – she has been a birther for years, willing to put facts aside to make a point
        – the State of Hawaii says that the posted scan of a copy contains the information in the original. Our president was born in Hawaii.

    • Wesley Harris

      You don’t have to eat at a restaurant or shop at a store with roaches or insects. This isn’t a requirement, insects in a restaurant are a health code violation. Your spelling is atrocious and all caps ? Come on now guy, get with the program.

      • Grammar Is Your Friend

        Oh, but they made him eat there! Make them stop! They’re so mean!

        Where to even begin… What the heck ever happened to people using their heads, thinking for themselves, and taking personal responsibility. If you don’t like the flippin’ restaurant, go elsewhere. This is America. If you want decisions made for you go live somewhere else.

        … and while I’m on a rant, eighteen exclamation marks and lazy capitalization only serves to bolster others’ impression that you’re a complete ninny.

      • chicagoyoungrepub

        In addition, it should be, in the article, “fewer roaches”, rather than “less roaches”. Fewer refers to items that are countable. Thank goodness some grocery stores have changed their signs to “10 items or fewer” lately.

    • piioneer

      Its funny how the Chicago News Stations think its kind of cute.. and laugh like little girls.. If the Mayoer was a Republican… there would be lawsuits… and hell to pay… The miniorities you see in that building would be demanding their rights…. and by now would be either working upstairs or at home on leave till conditions changed for the better.. Just thought it was kind of “cute” how these so called “News Reporters” report stories during one administration and then are all bent out of shape with another… This would be an OUTRAGE if the Mayor had an R after his or her name… and Everyone KNOWS it.

  • paycheck2paycheck

    At least the Rats what until no one is in the office to shoe there faces; I am referring to rodents….

  • chicago resident

    Rats-politicians, rodents-politicians….not much difference…lol

  • peeweeeweeie

    Someone please tell S Mendoza to leave her friends at home.

  • tina


    • lulururu

      your a racist. Be ashamed by your bigotry.

  • Yukiko

    Are these relatives of His Honor the Mayor?

    • lulururu

      No, your just being ridiculous again.

  • pescador

    What do you expect, you vote Rahm in!!!! They are just his followers!!!

    • lulururu

      Ah, get a life.

  • Rachelle

    It’s the mayor.

  • lukuj

    Those roaches are the Democrat politicians, but smarter and more honest.

    • lulururu

      Jesus approves this comment.

    • Michele Lloyd

      Question: Whom is smarter, the run-of-the-mill roaches or the Democrat politicans? Regardless, should both be stepped upon?

  • Rick

    Does Rahm count as one of the invasive pests?

  • ablecynic

    If the Orkin man comes in, Rahm will lose most of his staff!

    • Normal Dude

      That gave me a good laugh!

    • lulururu


  • Texas Freedom

    Yeah, you can find a bunch of them that made it all the way to the White House . . .

  • Garry

    Just buy some boric acid powder & spread it around.
    The roaches will all be gone in two weeks!

  • jeff b

    One of them was recently elected as mayor!

  • Augie Dogie

    What do you expect? Thats where Democrats rule – they love to Rot a Republic and Feed on the hard work of others.

    • paycheck2paycheck

      And then have a “tea party”, and leave the crumbs for others…

      • prepared

        I’m pretty sure you were paycheck2paycheck before the tea party showed up.

    • lulururu

      How does this comment make sense in anyone’s mind? Oh i get it, as long as your insulting an opposing viewpoint- logic means very little.

  • Titainiumman

    what do you expect when you have that much fecal matter in office

  • David

    I worked in city Hall. I am sure you will find all sorts of food in the drawers of all those employees. If you feed them they will come

  • Lowest Common Denominator

    Racist much?

    • Garbonzo

      Sorry, that train has left the station. Try to come up with another name/title to call people, since that is all you can do.

      • Chickpea

        But the train came back! It just goes in a circle.

        Have you read the nonsense on these boards? Any old buffoon behind a keyboard grows Internet muscles and starts blaming stuff on every other race, usually in a pretty direct way.

        Yeah, there are lots of racists that feel the need to express themselves here.

        Yeah, the “racist” card is ridiculously overused and invokes yawns from most of us, just like the racist remarks themselves. …But it’s true.

        I digress; The real problem here is user error in placement of the comment.

        No offense intended; just saying.

  • unpcdmom

    Vermin, really? How can you tell the difference with all those Politicians, Lobbyists, Community Activista, terrorists and OTHER Big Donors???

  • Bill

    Democrats in drag

  • Hank Warren

    The roaches are the kitchen staff. Illegals everywhere, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • lulururu

      Worst book ever. Not even readable. Not even close to being a banned book as well.

      I assume you are the author, cause no one else would ever recommend it.

      • David Christian Newton

        I read it….a bit tedious and predictable….but right and correct. And, I know a score of other people personally who read it….two of whom changed their minds about things. They are now Tea Party hostage takers and terrorists.
        Sorry….but your side loses thiat round. You can join your party to-night in London.

      • lulururu

        Hahahah, ok then. Not-spammer.

  • ontie1

    The cucahurcha with the tu tu that’s the mayor and the rest are simply his thugs in waiting..just smack’em with a newspaper or shoe….

  • Roach wrangler

    Wait a second, are you talking about insects or the current occupants?
    You know how when you turn the lights on usually the roaches run and hide?
    Well, in Texas, the roaches are so big, that when the light goes on, they turn their heads to see who turned on the switch… I mean they’re so big you could sell miniature saddles for ’em and open a “Roach-Rodeo.”

    • David Christian Newton

      Listen, mister, I’m from Texas and we have never had roaches like that. At our place we just used the regular horses saddles, They’re a little tight, but you can loosen the cinch strap…..

  • Bcorp

    Can’t kill them until the next election is over, Obama need their votes. Wait cancel that, their votes can still be counted, just get their foot print and that will work for their valid I.D.

  • Michael P Coleman

    Emmanual is the king roach. the rest are his associates in crime. So when Orken shows up, make sure he is in the building.

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