Armed Robbers Hitting Pedestrians On West Side Thoroughfares

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are warning neighbors of two armed robbers who have been hitting major streets on the city’s West Side.

The robberies happened between July 5 and this past Wednesday, in the 2500 to 2800 blocks of West Madison Street and West Washington Boulevard.

Police say in each incident, one or two men came up to the victims on the street and forcefully took their cell phones and cash. In several incidents, the robbers were armed with a handgun, police said.

The robbers are described as two African-American men, 20 to 30 years old, standing 5 feet 9 to 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighing 170 to 200 pounds.

Police advise residents to tell their neighbors about the robberies, and contact 911 to report any suspicious people or activity. For information on safety programs, police say you should call the CAPS Implementation Office, at (312) 746-8355.

  • max

    Shocking that is involves blacks. I’m utterly shocked – not!

    • Corner Wino

      This is why shhould be able to carry legal, I’d whip my AK-47 wih a 100 round drum,….them little cheeths will be be yippings all the way to the welfare office to get getto mama to call poverty pimp jesse jackson

  • Leroy Goldberg

    “The robbers are described as two African-American men”……

    I’d be more surprised if the story said “The robbers are described as NOT BEING two African-American men.

  • foreclosure negotiator

    at least a dozen of my friends, family, have left Chicagl in the last 2 years. After 25 years here, I am ready to throw in the towel and leave this fine city…North Avenue Beach closings, flash punks regularly on Michigan Avenue, shootings every night, muggings all day every other day…if Illinois doesnt approve concealled carry soon, like very soon…I will be among the taxpaying entrapeneurs, closing up shop here in this blue state, and calling it quits…

    • mr justice

      Join your friends cry baby. All other states are crime free, even with their concealed carry foolishness, aren’t they. Goofball.

      • GO Southside

        Mr. Jacka$$,
        We’re getting robbed by punks and we’re getting robbed by Politicians. No other states are crime free either. But you really don’t hear about senseless crimes in other cities. Like you hear from the state of IL.

      • foreclosure negotiator

        not crying, we probably wont ever agree on ccw, I just really feel strongly about having the right, moreover, if you and yours were getting stuck up for your iphones, spittin teeth or worse at WAG on Michigan Ave at the hands of some little getto miscreants, you would likely be quite pleased with the result were I or someone like me there to shoot back.

  • Just Axin

    Whitey has been migrating to that area, thinking it’s safe. They even opened up that ice rink to practice. These punks be ungrateful at progress.

  • I love Ginger Zee

    Ginger Zee is soooo fine!

    • NWA

      Now go back to pulling on your pud!


      • NWApe

        We can’t help how we are bro. C’mon have a banana with me and calm down.

  • Hachipisali

    This is what happens over there when mama runs out of breast milk and decides to give her babies one of those crack flavored pacifiers.

  • bob henning

    Good Jobs Could be Falling out of Trees, Spilling out The Doors, Laying Ten Deep on the Sidewalk and The Negroes would Never Look Up and Grab One, they`d get hit by the Jobs Spilling out The Doors say they were injured and File Suit, and would do the Long Jump over the ones laying ten Deep on the Sidewalk. They will go to ANY LENGTH TO AVOID WORKING, They would much rather ROB, MURDER, RAPE, and SELL DRUGS.

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