(CBS) Jay Cutler has been somewhat of an enigma ever since he arrived in Chicago.

His talent is undeniable, but his demeanor is questionable and often criticized. He’s short with the media and often leaves questions unanswered.

He also doesn’t care to promote himself or endorse any products.

In a story in this week’s Sports Illustrated entitled, “You’re Wrong About Jay Cutler”, the quarterback explains why you don’t see him on billboards or on television taking advantage of endorsement opportunities that surely are available.

“I was in Denver, not a huge market, came to Chicago and haven’t really [sought out] a lot of marketing opportunities because we haven’t accomplished what I want to on the field yet,” Cutler told the magazine. “Until we get to the Super Bowl, win Super Bowls and are successful there, then I don’t think it’s right for me to go out there and venture into those other markets.”

Cutler also addressed the criticism he received after last year’s NFC Championship game.

“[It] definitely bothered [me] some,” he said. “But I think with the media markets these days, and the competition in that market, papers are dying, people are looking for stories.”

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