Teen Charged In Death At Fullerton ‘L’ Stop

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 17-year-old boy has been charged with the death of Sally Katona-King, who was pushed down a flight of stairs at the Fullerton Avenue ‘L’ stop as a robber escaped.

Prince Watson is charged in Katona-King’s death. On March 28, he allegedly pushed her down the stairs at the busy CTA station after he had stolen someone else’s iPhone.

Katona-King was pronounced dead the following day at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

“We believe he tried to jump over her, and he knocked her over backwards,” police Belmont Area Detective Sgt. Debra DeYoung said earlier in the summer.

Sources said that last month that witnesses to the crime and DNA evidence had identified a suspect, who was already in custody for another iPhone robbery at a different CTA station. He has been serving time in an Illinois Department of Corrections detention facility in Joliet.

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Katona-King, 68, worked at First Lutheran Church in Logan Square, where she cooked for the homeless and was the church treasurer.

The Fullerton ‘L’ stop, which serves the Brown, Red and Purple lines is the primary stop for the busy Lincoln Park neighborhood and DePaul University campus. Police have been passing out fliers at the station since the time of the deadly incident.

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  • CFLC

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  • Dave

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  • Bill S.

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  • booterr

    Article shoud say what the charge is. most likley involantery manslaughter.
    Probably be out in a few years to continue his criminal career.
    Prince, what a nice name, In prison he’ll be Princess.
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  • Sue

    This boy needs to be taken to that L station and pushed down the stairs over and over again so that he can feel the pain she felt.

  • Bill S.

    I’d like to see the boy get a fair trial before everyone jumps to conclusions.

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