Green Line Robbery Suspects Include 10-Year-Old: Police

CHICAGO (STMW) — Two days after warning the public about the theft of electronic devices on Green Line trains, police arrested four suspects Thursday, the youngest being a 10-year-old boy.

On Tuesday, Harrison Area detectives issued community alerts about the robberies on the trains on the West Side. And after CTA Security provided surveillance footage of the crimes, police set up a sting operation.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mary Frances Bragiel Reports

Officers from the Wood and Harrison districts went undercover and about 9:56 a.m. Thursday, saw three boys fleeing from a CTA platform, a release from police said.

The juveniles — ages 10, 13 and 14 — had just been involved in a strong-armed robbery in which a victim, seated on a Green Line train, had his mobile phone forcibly snatched from his hand, the release said.

After a brief foot pursuit, the three were apprehended and positively identified by the victim.

Later Thursday, at about 6:40 p.m., Harrison District officers on a similar sting were standing at the bottom of the exit stairs at the Green Line Pulaski Station when they were alerted by a female victim that her phone had been taken.

Almost immediately, the 15-year-old offender ran down the exit stairs, directly into police officers, the release said. He was taken into custody and the victim’s phone recovered.

All four boys were charged as juveniles with strong-armed robbery.

The investigation into previous Green Line robberies continues, according to police.

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  • Just Axin

    Everybody-Call your state rep and state sen and tell them to make changes in the law where age does not factor in when a violent crime is committed. These little savages know they’re only gonna get a tongue lashing, but they need their freedom taken away.

    • Nip it in the bud

      The parents should be held accountable as well.

      • LarryG

        Dream on.

      • Ram

        Prolly 10 different “fathers” per kid.

      • tbone

        what the parents helped in the plans and the getaway car………lol

      • Toney

        If you can even find the parents. A lot of them are little more than breeders without the inherant skills to raise their spawn.

      • Jerry

        I agree 100%

      • JuanValdez

        You mean if you could find the father.

      • Ernaldo T

        You talking about the cow and sperm donor?

    • Bob Nuckolls

      But they are not able to help themselves. They are 4 or 5 generations into a society where infants (who would not survive without despotic progressive traits) never grew up. Hence, we have children raising children, we have gray haired children in the White House, the legislature and all the way to the Supreme Court.. These children cannot be taught life skills and duties to a civilized society when the grandparents of their teachers lost that skill generations ago.

      • rufus levin

        ship them all to Somalia for lessons in how to exterminate each other then.

  • HooDatIS?

    where are the parents?
    my parents would beat me to a pulp id be more afraid of them than the judge
    loser kids = biggest loser parents

    • Al

      You make that comment, then follow it with a link it to a video of about a dozen blacks beating up 3 whites. Tells me a lot about the depth of your character and condition of your soul.

      You just demonstrated for all of us that your parents still failed in raising a person with good values.

    • Al

      I am converted. Thankyou for showning me the error of my pathetic and latent feminine ways. I have been a shill for the blacks for a long time and really worthy of no respect. I wear a diaper and have just pooped in it. I voted for Obama. I am a slug.

      • Off Duty

        See Al…Honesty IS the best policy….

      • THE_SCAMP

        No, Al, you are not a slug. You are a whiney liberal, which is even worse. Our country is being ruined by the like-minded people in the White House right now. Gotta pull that race card, those teenage animals robbing folks on the Green Line are VICTIMS, right?

      • human

        you’re welcome

    • Carl Odom

      These children cannot be taught life skills and duties to a civilized society when the grandparents of their teachers lost that skill generations ago.


  • felipe

    Mommaz out smokin crack

  • Little chimp

    These people start young.

    • Ernaldo T

      People? You mean apes….

      • Lyndia

        An ape like your mama. Read a book stupid. Apes are white under all of that hair they have. Is that you? A hairless stanking ape.

      • human

        Lyndia, the smart apes are white under all that hair. the dumb violent ones have black faces.

  • Bill

    If you want to keep sane, avoid them where you live, work, shop, and socialize. othewise they will make your life miserable and eventualy you will become a victim to their predation.

    • chimpin out

      you be raciss! u kno it be Bush and republiklans fault. after all, how’s a brotha sposed to meet his financial obligashuns if crackas don give us dey iPhones an wallets?

      • Torrence

        That is hilarious, Mr. chimpin out. Keep up the comedy!!

      • Ernaldo T

        Comedy? Torrence, you are the funny one……

      • superbroker

        You’re grammar alone discredits anything you say.

    • Lyndia

      Bill, you socialize with them. I saw you on 74 and Halsted with a transgender woman. You looked so happy.

      • diklichtenstein

        Lyndia, is that you t-girl? it’s time for you to toss my salad again!

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  • YoungPrimates

    once again, CBS fails to report that the criminals are primates. this is how sick the white media is in our society. but white people don’t need the media to tell them that when 4 young chimps aproach them they will either need to shoot them or get assaulted and robbed. it’s long past time to shoot these loose primates.

    • Regulas

      We be teaching our brothers how to survive by taking what is ours from whitey.

      • pkd

        And what has whitey not given you?

      • tredglx

        Come try this whitey, Reg.

        I dare you.

      • JTG

        “And what has whitey not given you?” An adjumacayshun the parenting skills and responsibility that are less than those found in a dog, the sense to use birth control, literacy, respect, hygiene, an IQ over 60, etc..

      • Ernaldo T

        Come and get it, Cheetah……

      • Ben

        We all know the ‘war’ is coming……… continue to kick the sleeping doberman-you won’t like the results…..

      • T

        I have a 124 grn. JHP you and your “brothers” can have if you try to come after me.

    • Lyndia

      I never wanted to believe this but the longer I live, I am more inclined to believe what Elijah said years and years ago. THE WHITE MAN IS A BLUE EYED DEVIL AND YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

      • Elijah

        you are NUTS…did your hateful pastors teach you that? Stop breeding for welfare. Pick good black men to marry and raise your kids. Educate your kids, Get out of the ghettos. Stop HATING white folks just because they are white. Break the cycle that is ruining your race. There is NO intelligence in rap music, its all blurted-out animalistic emotion. Wake up and rise above before its too late..

      • human

        Lyndia, please do stay away from us. go back to your african mud huts and chopping each other up with machetes and leave us “blue eyed devils” alone. oh, but wait, without “blue eyed devils” inventing things and working, you wouldn’t have water wells, electricity, radios, cars, and welfare checks.

      • Ben

        That is too funny……….that boon likely couldn’t read yet you type your dribble on the white mans many inventions-the keyboard, the computer, the internet, etc….do tell, what have ‘Elijah-ba’ and his minions ever contributed to society beyond feces, CO2 and LOTS of unwanted offspring? I’ll wait here for your thesis/list of accomplishments……

      • rufus levin

        The Blue Eyed Devil is a liberal promising to pay your bills, and to take care of doctoring your ills after you junk food into obesity gout, and diabetes , smoke into cancer, drink booze into liver failure, watch TV and video into blindness, and get no exercise so your body deteriorates…then fill it with drugs, hookup sperm, and get HIV and visit the ER to get your stomach pumped out while getting a knife wound stitched up. If you stay away from liberal government handouts and sympathy for a sorry irresponsible existence, you might get what Elijah had in mind….

      • TomP.

        Lyndia-I completely support The Prophet’s statements. There’s nothing better we crackers would like than to have the blacks stay away from us…far away…as in back to Africa…

    • dave

      All white trash says the police report.

  • it be Bush fault!

    we wants justis fer r peeples. and iPhones. beyotches!

    • Torrence

      HaHaHaHaHaHaHa, hilarious!!!

  • Ray Smith

    Democrat policies have created feral youth. Criminals of whatever age should not be allowed to receive government aid. Upon conviction the should be excluded permanently from receiving food stamps, afdc, welfare, subsidized housing, etc.

    • Hector

      Very good point! Im going to submit that to my congressman!!

    • Dr. Montana

      Hmm, you may be on to something. And let’s take it a little further: If a juvenile is convicted of a violent crime, their parents (or more likely single mother) will no longer be able to claim them as a dependent, and will have their benefits reduced accordingly. That might actually get the parents interested in reigning in their little monsters.

      • DIONDREY


      • OLD VET


      • Mr Obvious

        Dontel daddy fault.. he nebba be’s dere except to pick up he money..

        I wanna tell you about something I heard.. I’ve told it before.. you may have read it before.. “I was working with several of the “buthas” on a job site.. minding my own business listening to them chatter..when the subject of baby mommas and daddys came up.. and of course the housing projects.. “I came by them bricks today, man.. boy.. they was crowded..” “You know why don’t you..them mommas got them checks.. them daddy’s there to get there cut of the money..” “yeah.. that’s the only time you see ’em over there.. come to get that money from them hoes”.. I was amazed.. I thought to myself.. You mean.. to tell me.. these ignorant female breeders are so stupid that they give half (or more) of their welfare and food stamp money to the absent 28-30 days out of the month baby daddy’s?? No wonder they stay broke .. they are STUPID as a rock!! Think about it.. ole shuffling Sammy has 5 babies by 5 women and has ’em all giving him half their checks.. the dumb ass doesn’t have to work.. just go get his money from these brain dead women he’s knocked up..

    • Dorris guy

      This is a great idea. It would help with our deficit problem, and give the parents an incentive to actually parent their children and hold them accountable instead of haveing them parented by the local gangs.

    • Steve C.

      The answer is simple really-you do not get ONE taxpayer dime until you submit to sterilization……………after that, play the system all you want………..we DON’T want any more of your kind, period………

  • chimpin out


  • Johnnie Flukie Redding

    When are they going to capture the person who stole Axlerod’s brain.

    • MansCountry

      He left it at “Mans Country” in Chi town.. a well known gay bathhouse frequented by Axelrod. Obomba, and Emanuele

  • fwiw imho

    It’s not a crime if it has no value. How can one steal emptiness?

  • Johnny B.G.

    Lemme guess … negroes?

    • old_geezer

      U win the lottery

  • Michael Alan Bridges

    I have to ask, what would have happened if someone had actually knocked one of these lil suckers flat on the a$$? Who wants to bet it would have been a hate crime?….

    • Regulas

      Excellent point and I bet Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and even the Kenyan in the White House would be up in arms for daring to defend yourself against a brother who has been downtrodden by the evil capitalist white man.

      • Markwonder

        Bernhard Goetz. Remember that story?

      • tredglx

        Ain’t it the truth.

      • Lyndia

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      • Steve C.

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      • human

        Lyndia, perhaps you too, laid in a white belly. you can read! good gorilla!

  • Ryan Mouk

    Lock this worthless trash up and charge them as adults. They knew what they were doing and they should be made to pay the price. I doubt the next band of wanna-be thugs will be so brave when they find out that their school yard friends are locked up behind grey bars.

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      Shoot ALL 3! DEAD!!

      • Ernaldo T

        Three would be a small, good start………

    • Exador

      Better yet, a Mozambique Drill. Like these degenerates are ever going to be anything but a blight on society.

  • freecheese

    These monsters are raised by parents who tell ‘dair chillins’ to “hate white people, ’cause dey rich, and we is po.”
    What else can you expet from thires dog-squeeze culture ?

    • tr917

      I believe the correct ebonics phrase is we be po no we is po.

    • Lyndia

      “Back up cave man, when did white people become rich and better than anybody? I saw a piece of poor white trash coming out of a building on 86th and Ashland and she was not a social worker. She had half breed children with her and she told me she was your sister.

      • rufus levin

        another relative of Barack Obama no doubt.

  • doo-rag

    dont buy into the racist hype the mainstream media propagates. lately they’ve been spinning everything towards racism. crimes are comitted by all colors and creeds. this country is divided enough, lets not let the meainstream divide it further.

    • white guy minding his own business

      Doo-rag wrote in one of his responses: “whens the last time you were attacked or robbed by a black person?”. Do you live in Vermont or Alaska or something? When a youngster, my “enlightened” parents lived in a gentrified neighborhood surrounded by black neighborhoods in a certain east coast city that is 70% black. I’ve been attacked twice and threatened several times by blacks. Was essentially robbed by 5 kids my age with a straight razor. Had a grown black “man” try to take money away from me. I saw a black CHILD stab an unsuspecting white guy at a festival, fortunately is was superficial. Wake up.

      • DooRagBlewMe

        He cant see anything because he spends his time on his knees..

    • Martin

    • Malcom

      shut up will you? but look who is doing MOST of it. look at all th violent offenders. look at most of the illegals, look at all of it. now go waive your rainbow flag in a black neighborhood and say hey we should be united not divided. lets see how far you get iwth your liberal tinking.

      • doo-rag

        whens the last time you were attacked or robbed by a black person? ive never been, therefore i hold no judgements. i see that you referred to me as a leftist, rainbow flag waver. so, not only are you a racist but your feeble little brain buys into the left/right propaganda as well. people like you are the problem.

      • dave

        Whites commit just as many crimes per capita but are charged less often, given deals more often, and sentenced to longer punishments. Go down to a southern legal aid office, white trailer trash are there like its a second home.

  • NYGlenn

    Ghetto family values!!

    • marot

      The problem is no values, no male role model, blacks do a sperm drop and keep moving, spreading defective sperm far and wide. These kids have no morals, no soul they do not repect themselves nor their victims. Your stuff is their stuff…human?

      • DooRagBlewMe

        and the ghetto trash women are ridiculous.. just watch tv.. how the hell can you be on “Baby Daddy Suspect #15?” from only a day or two… must be the easiest piece in the world.. hi there.. bend over.. all most as easy as Doo-Rag..

    • Lyndia

      NYGlenn, if you are from NY, you are from a giant Ghetto.

  • JuanValdez

    Remember Charles Bronson in “Death Wish”?

    Bronson’s character rode the trains with a bag full of groceries and a semi-automatic pistol hidden on his lap. Great movie.

  • Sloaneranger

    …..and the U.K. is asking for New York’s top cop to advise them how to handle young rioters?

    • Ernaldo T

      It will go down different here, especially when they consume everything in the burned out inner city, and mover to the burbs looking for the chit. The UK citizenry isn’t quite as armed as the USA….

  • Judge

    How timely Planet of the Apes is being released. Come on up to the mountains my little dark colored felons and let us teach you some REAL justice! Come on over too my jungle Buckwheat! I can promise you no punk nappy head is gonna attack me without needing medicade for the rest of his sorry life.

    • Ernaldo T

      Sorry, SHORT life….

    • Lyndia

      Bring it on Honkey, bring it on.

      • Steve C.

        You want it bootlip, you’re going to get it……………BTW, thanks for the capitol H in honkey, nice touch……….

  • Malcom

    the mayor will not get another term if he starts acting like a Repubican and cracking down in areas that are in high crime, He needs the votes from the community.

  • Sloaneranger

    Most of the looters in the U.K. were young Afro Caribbean and unemployed. Just look at the photos. The youngest there was 14, I believe and out in the streets at 1.30 a.m. The article above does not mention race at all so you can’t blame the news media for ‘racist hype’. It is what it is, however, we need to get tough with them regardless, or it will never get resolved.

    • Africoons ruin the World

      no they have a 9 yr old and an 11 yr old.. common trash.. put them on a work force to repair damages then throw them out of the country

  • Pocho Basura

    Im sure they will be given a stern lecture…….

  • Rev. Ike

    Yo, U crackers just trying to keep a brother down.

    • blackbashers

      Knee grows are doing a fine job by themselves..

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