Charges Dropped Against Man Accused Of Shooting 2 Cops

CHICAGO (CBS) — Cook County prosecutors have dropped all charges against a 27-year-old man who had been accused of shooting two Chicago police officers last month.

Daniel Jones had been charged with two counts of attempted murder in the shooting of two police officers on July 18.

Prosecutors did not explain exactly why the charges against Jones were dropped on Tuesday, but in a statement, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said, “While the charges against Jones were brought in good faith based on witness accounts and identifications, additional information has developed during the ongoing investigation that warranted the dismissal of the charges.”

Two Harrison District officers, both 29, were shot when a suspect opened fire on them as they were making an attempted drug stop. At Karlov Avenue near Wilcox Street on July 18.

The officers, who had both been on the job for three to four years, were on patrol at Karlov Avenue near Wilcox Street – between Monroe and Adams streets – when they saw a drug deal going down in an alley around 10:45 p.m. on July 18.

As they got closer, police said one man pulled out a gun and opened fire on them.

One of the officers suffered a bullet wound behind his left ear, the other was shot in the left arm, police said.

Prosecutors said the investigation of the shooting of the two officers was continuing.

  • none ya

    I this a joke …… you can shoot two cops and not be charged with anything…..great state we live in.

  • thor

    not my boy he a good boy, How the F would you Know… if he didn’t shoot at them,I’ll bet he knows who did !

  • J.Ceruone

    Incredible! Two cops are shot and injured and the charges are dropped? No wonder the streets are so dangerous, the criminals are in charge. Something is seriously wrong in Chicago.

  • limod

    That is Anita Alveraz’s doing! When she is up for re-election SHE HAS GOT TO GO!!

  • SArm

    Would’ve been nice if the cops would tell us *why* they’re dropping the charges, just so we wouldn’t have to deal with the usual idiotic comments…

  • Eventually

    He still should be in jail. Guarantee he’s up to no good.

  • Evergreen Park

    I will tell you exactly why the charges were dropped–HE DIDN’T DO IT! Duh. Jesus Christ.

    • Jermain

      I’d be willing to bet big money that this black negroid is guilty as sin. They just must not have enough solid evidence,YET. If they had shot and killed him when they had the chance, the case would now be closed!

  • Westmont

    No, look at the photo. He is a black man with funny hair. He’s definitely guilty.

  • Common Sense

    are the respondants of this story rejects from the KKK or the Todd Stroger Brain trust? Either way bein a moron is an upgrade fot this group

    • Jermain

      Your opinion of your fellow commenters is not entirely accurate. I haven’t yet joined the KKK, I can’t stand that Stroger idiot, and I’m far from being a moron. Why would you defend a worthless piece of sh!t like this fool? What is wrong with you, Common Sense, or lack there of?

  • FR

    Just cuz he has funny hair does not mean he is guilty. Probably another guy with the same hair style is guilty.

  • Jermain

    I can just picture the interrogation, I dint do nothin, they just be pickin on me cuz I is black. John Burge and his crew would have gotton the truth out of this low life!

  • bill burns

    Our Muslim mayor OH EMANUEL protects all the hopped up crackheads.

    • South Side

      Rahm Emanuel is Jewish.

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