Emanuel: City Desperately Needs Cash From Casino

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he and Gov. Pat Quinn should be able to work out their differences over legislation that would clear the way for a casino in Chicago, among other places.

As WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, the mayor says the funds that would be generated from the casino are desperately needed.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

“This is an investment we need to make in our own city’s future. We have an opportunity now with the Chicago casino, which the city of Chicago residents favor,” Emanuel said, “and I told you, I wasn’t like an enthusiast about it, but I cannot continue to have Hammond, Indiana, get $20 million a month while our infrastructure is crumbling.”

He said the Chicago casino could be brought about “in a good way, and everybody is for that, and we will work it out, because it’s not an either-or choice.”

The bill approved by the Illinois House and Senate would allow for a new casino in Chicago and several others statewide, as well as slot machines at racetracks and at O’Hare and Midway international airports. But the bill has yet to come across Quinn’s desk.

But Quinn told CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine on Thursday that the bill contains too much gambling and not enough oversight.

“I want to make sure we have strong protection in Chicago just like every other place in Illinois, so people don’t get fleeced,” Quinn said.

Emanuel said casinos have had proper oversight, but Quinn said he was not going to rush to a decision.

“We’re not going to rush to judgment,” he said. “They did it with the parking meters in Chicago, and we’ve come to regret it.”

Quinn can neither sign nor veto the gambling expansion legislation until it hits his desk, which can’t happen until Senate President John Cullerton releases a legislative hold he’s placed on the bill.

That won’t happen anytime soon because legislative leaders know Quinn won’t sign it as is, so lawmakers have been trying to craft so-called a “trailer bill” that would address Quinn’s concerns about regulation of expanded casino gambling.

  • Wolf

    The city is in need of major restructuring of its massively bloated operations. There is ample room for a 50% RIF across the board that will restore fiscal sanity to the operations of the city.

    • Nicki

      The Casino Industry did not help Detroit in the least. It only lined the pockets of the people who approved and brought them into Detroit. I am sure Rahm and his buddies will be getting quite the cut….I feel sorry for the people of Chicago. This will not help the communites as promised…..if anything, it will take advantage of the very people he says it will help. (And he knows it).

    • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

      Large cities have way too many ‘born on welfare’ deadbeats, Tax payers have to support. The ‘flash mobs’ demos are taking over.
      When tax payers move out and eventually out of the country, will cities simply print more money like the feds.

      • I_am

        Yes, cities have too many born on welfare deadbeats who taxpayers have to support — they’re called CEOs, bankers, and media moguls.

      • Bill

        Yes only they’ll be burning it in their ovens to keep warm in winter.

    • t paine

      looks like support on both sides.

      http://www.RightsOfMan.org. Words from the man who first said the words “United States of America”

      • boogienights

        All Americans need cash.
        Find out what the tax law actually says.

    • MadCharles

      Restore fiscal sanity ? Your a fool Wolf. What money you see in the cards is already spent. Anything not extra is the Ghetto Thief-in-Chief’s slush fund.

  • Yvette

    Bloated operations is not the entire problem. Selling public property rights, ie. The Skyway and parking meters is more the issue. If the city had raised the meter rates as the private companies that now own the rights to those two ex city revenue makers they would have had an income to draw from. Now they have a near depleted bank account.

    In anyway, I’m not against the casino idea. As long as they put them in tourist locations, like around Navy Pier and not in the poor neighborhoods.

    • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

      The area will become poor and rundown whereveer casinos are built, the near future of all large cities.


      • Spanky

        True! Casinos do not have a positive overall effect on any community. Bringing them in is a sign of desperation.


  • southside

    Hey Rahm, talk to your buddy Neil Bluhm, billionaire Obama disciple who owns the Rivers casino. Once he tells Pat Quinn (or Obama tells Quinn) that it is OK for Chicago to compete against his casino, then you will get one. Quinn is hamstrung by your rich buddy.

  • Daniel Morgan

    Sorry, not much hope for a country whose main industries are government entitlements, abortions, the sale of drugs and legalized gambling. America used to be a great country because we worked hard and produced goods and services, not we produce the idea of something for nothing.

    • Spanky

      Racist! I can see that you need to be sent to an Obama Re-Education Camp!


    • Tony

      The only way to have more Daniel Morgans is to have more people like Lee!

    • kevintheelder

      Your comment is so on the money. Sadly, so many don’t grasp your point. Growing up in the 40s, if there was drugs, they were being used by a negligible percentage of the population. Ditto abortion (which was so rare, it was underground and performed illegally by often unqualified women). Gambling was run by criminals (who oddly enough paid out higher amounts for wins than the government does now). There has been so much else imposed upon We The People that I don’t recognize my once great country. Those who contend this is a still great country don’t know any better or are basing their belief on their heart, not on what is going on all around them.

    • Lee

      This country needs more Daniel Morgans.

  • Hank Warren

    Dual citizen Mayors (who fought in the Israeli army), yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • snapper

    Who would frequent a casino in Chicago? Members of those flash mobs? The unemployed “my people?”

  • gunny heff

    Casino’s in the most crooked city in America,


    Bring your welfare checks and food stamp visa card and come on in, we will exchange them inside for chips.

  • AmShank

    Rahm, for the tenth time, my parents and grandparents have been dead for twenty years. Just because they are buried in Cook County does not mean they owe you taxes. It’s bad enough they voted for you!

    • Mike Sloan

      Am, one of the best letters ever.Thanks

  • James Foye

    Wow, so a casino is Chicago’s hope? Yikes, that city is in deep doo.

  • Not Rahm

    Why are these big government types obsessed with turning America into the “Biff’s bad future” from Back To The Future 2 in order to funs their pet projects? Hopefully drug and prostitution legalization are not the other “revenue streams with absolutely no (easily traceable by non-lazy people) societal consequences.”

  • heatherfeather

    Rah-rah Rahm! Maybe one day Chicago will overtake Vegas and Atlantic City as the best place for senile diabetics to p**s away their pensions!

  • Kim

    I expect Donald Trump has been green-lighted to build a casino in Chicago.

  • Tesseract

    Wanna bet that Valerie Jarrett’s housing projects will make a great site for the casino(s)? After all, they got turned down for the 2016 Olympics. Gotta sell those condemned properties somehow.

    • George Jefferson

      I’ll take those odds!!! LOL

  • Paul

    From site: http://www.freetukwila.org – Not a Healthy Source of Income for City (Tukwila, WA or any city in US)
    “Gambling by nature demands that you risk your resources in hopes of winning big. The revenue generated by casinos for the city of Tukwila comes from people losing theirs. I believe that gambling is not a positive, healthy source of income for any city or state. Do we really want to count on income that is based on risk and loss? Couldn’t we provide our citizens with forms of entertainment which do not ultimately jeopardize the welfare of families? I would ask that the City Council consider replacing casinos as a source of revenue with other businesses that provide healthy entertainment and a dependable return for people’s money.” – Lisa Forsyth, Teacher, letter to Tukwila City Council, February 2011.

  • Mike

    Hey Rahm,

    just to like your buddy obama does, ignore the law and build it anyway, Chicago can’t get any worse than it already is

    • Spanky

      “Chicago can’t get any worse than it already is”

      Oh, Chicago can get a LOT worse, and it is indeed headed that way.

      Chicago is a great example of what happens with 50+ years of Democrat control. The schools are horrible, manufacturing and employers are being driven away, and crime is terrible. Chicago is the most segregated of any major US city!

  • Jim

    City workers are under paid. We need higher taxes for Chicago and the State to grow. More Taxes now, more social programs, more gambling and a living wage for the unemployed.

    • Spanky

      Let’s raise the minimum wage in Chicago to $30/hr, then everyone can lead a good, happy, safe life.

      • Libbi


    • Garry

      You are being sarcastic, aren’t you?

    • AZD2

      Raising the minimum wage will not help because living on welfare is a way of life and they would rather not work an honest job no matter what it pays and collect welfare

  • Spanky

    Where do we draw the line? Why not have city-owned brothels and opium dens (“we need the money!”).

    And why should the city

  • Jamespfitz

    What a buffoon. Can he name one single community that has flourished as a result of casinos? They are a regressive tax on the poor and addicted. Chicagoans once again get the representation they deserve by electing another Dem machine hack.

    • Spanky

      The Principality of Monaco?

      I’m sure our casinos will be just as nice as theirs and attract the same clientele.


  • HPS

    I am laughing.. what a putz..People will STILL go to HAMMOND.. and while they are there they will stop and shop..eat.. etc.. I know.. so many I know in CHICAGO already do just that.. people are tired of BANS and TAXES.. so they go where they have CHOICES and LESS taxes.. with the increase in IL income taxes everyone I know are looking to move OUT of this state A.S.A.P.. cause until they figure out a way for the 50% who DON’T pay income taxes start putting some skin in the game we will move out of our home state without a backwards glance..
    @ Tesseract.. most likely she has OTHER holding that are equally as run down and uninhabitable that the city is willing to buy from her

  • Red

    Emanuel should go to his bud in DC for some “stimulus money!”

  • Rod Anders

    They WILL get cold feet. And when the bras come off, so do the morals. This will generate more crime than the vampire mafia!

  • malcom

    you know organized crime, unions and politicians are licking their chops with this idea. meanwhile crackheads, junkies and gambling addicts will surely increase along with the crime, so go ahead you dumb liberals, you deserve it.

    • The Rock

      And when the crime rate drives business out they will blame the “capitalists” for deserting them.

  • Joe

    Casinos are simply a government-sanctioned means of transferring wealth from the ignorant and desperate to the politically connected.

    • artemis133


  • Melvin

    The main reason that Rahm wants this Chicago Casino legislation is, because gambling in Chicago is just the vehicle for what Rahm, the Unions, and the White House want, A money laundering operation disguised as a gambling operation. The governor knows this and doesn’t want his name attached to this fraud legislation.Remember Chicago wherever Rahm roams white collar crime is sure to follow.


  • MilwaukeeMark

    Gambling is just another transferance of wealth scam. It takes from the least able to afford .. Minorities and the elderly … and transfers their losses to overpaid, over bloated government bureaucrats.

    Furthermore its just another way to flim flam people that it’s better to spend your money a game of chance than to spent it on something more donstructive like to go back to school or pay down debts.

    It has no long term social value. It’s only function is to buy politicians time to stay in office and kick the reponsibility can down the road a little longer.

    It’s disgraceful.

    • Mikey

      Hey at least they will be paying taxes, albiet indirectly. All those profits the casinos will make from taking their welfare money will be taxed by Chitcago.

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