(CBS) Assistant General Manager Randy Bush will take over on a interim basis for Jim Hendry for the rest of this season, but he will not be considered for the full-time general manager job.

“We’re not going to look at internal candidates for the general manager job,” Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said Friday.

So, will the Cubs go after a rising-star or someone with a proven record as a general manager?

“I’m not certain yet. I’m not sure,” Ricketts said. “There are obviously some good assistant general managers out there. If one of those candidates has an interest, we will speak to them, but at this point, I’m not ruling out anything.”

One of those assistant general managers is White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn, whose name will likely be tossed around in the conversation until a final decision is made.


As for the criteria for what Ricketts will look for in a new GM, he clearly wants some change.

“They will have to share a commitment to player development which is obviously the key to consistent success,” he said. “I think we can look for guys that have a little stronger analytical background than maybe some of the guys we have here. Someone who has worked with some of the new tools, that would be a plus. And then, someone who has been in a winning culture. Someone who can bring some of the lessons of that over and has a track record of success.”

The new tools he was referring to are sabermetics, but he made he clear that is not a requirement.

“The sabermetics stuff is important, but it’s just a piece. We’re not running the baseball organization by a computer model,” Ricketts said.

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