Topless Protest To Be Held In Middle Of Air And Water Show

CHICAGO (CBS) — Some protesters are planning to get a few things off their chests – in a very literal sense – at North Avenue Beach over the weekend.

At noon Sunday, in the middle of the Air and Water Show, women will take off their shirts and expose their breasts for National Go Topless Day.

The protest event, which is now in its fourth year, proclaims that women have a constitutional right to go topless in public. It encourages equal opportunity by urging women to bare their breasts, and for bare-chested men to cover up with bikinis or bras.

Organizers say men should be legally required to cover up their chests as long as women are.

The topless protests are organized by the Raelian Church, a UFO religion that teaches life on earth was scientifically developed by a species of extraterrestrials who were mistaken for gods. The Raelian Church also gained notoriety for founding the human cloning company Clonaid in 1997, and claiming to have cloned a human being in 2002.

But the Huffington Post reports a few hundred thousand people participate in the protest every year. It will be held in Chicago and numerous other U.S. cities on Aug. 21, and in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada on Aug. 28.

Going topless is not illegal for women everywhere in the country. The State of New York, for example, permits women to go topless in public areas.

But Chicago does not.

Under the city’s Municipal Code, it is illegal to “appear, bathe, sunbathe, walk or be in any public park, playground, beach or the waters adjacent thereto, or any school facility and the area adjacent thereto, or any municipal building and the areas adjacent thereto, or any public way within the City of Chicago” exposing “any portion of the breast at or below the upper edge of the areola thereof of any female person.”

The prescribed penalty for indecent exposure – of the female breasts, or of the male or female buttocks or genitals – is a fine of $100 to $500.

  • ro ro

    itties and beer!!!!



  • Jerry Lewis


  • titslinger

    Thanks. We are all dumber now for having read this story.

  • Topless day

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  • James Omalley

    that sounds like fun see you thear

  • Dennis

    fine is 100 to 500 this is based on Size or?

    • Jerry Lewis

      Overall presentation.

  • Sick of Liberals

    “It encourages equal opportunity by urging women to bare their breasts, and for bare-chested men to cover up with bikinis or bras.”

    Notice the laughable logic of liberals: in the name of “equality”, they’ll subject people to the very thing they’re protesting.

  • WOZ

    hope for a cold breeze!!!!!

  • Cole Phelps

    Thatz it folks, I’ll be camping at the North Ave beach all day long on Sunday. We’ll see how many narcissist skanks will do the honor of exposing themselves in public.

  • Yard Ape

    Ladies please beware of marauding mulattos.

  • Payable

    Ahh the true meaning of “Flash Mob”

  • suzyq

    another publicity stunt of the raelians-bunch of freaking weirdos

  • guess 902345u0q4w34#W%^

    alot of ghetto trash will be looking out to see if they can rape someone

  • KenLee

    It is absolutely a double standard that men can go shirtless and women can’t! Compare that to TV where every night we see people selling dope, snorting it, shooting it up, cursing, not to mention the violence on TV and the like which is obviously legal. Isn’t this much worse than seeing breasts? What gives? Why are illegal drugs OK and seeing a woman in her natural state illegal? This country has a lot to learn from the Europeans and Carribean Islands where women going topless is OK, even total nudity is accepted in MANY places in the world so why do we have to be such prudes? I support the effort 100% and hope that it will bring about an awareness in this country that there is nothing wrong with being topless or totally naked.
    Although there are a few beaches in America that allows topless sunbathing (South Beach for example) and some nude beaches (Blacks Beach) they are very restricted. Even on those you may be cited for indecent exposure. This is obviously a Right Wing effort to keep America from catching up to the 21st century.
    On Myrtle Beach you can be cited for wearing a thong, although Daytona Beach is full of string bikinis. There needs to be a national law to allow women the same rights as men NOW. Of course this would be totally optional and be entirely up to the individual, that’s called RIGHTS!
    If this was allowed it would soon become as common place as skirts above the knees. Not long ago that was considered obscene. What a country we live in, filled with double standards.

    • Protective Mom

      Would you also be okay with some guy walking around with his ding dong swinging in the breeze around your children? Our society decided long, long ago that women’s breasts are private and should be covered as such. If we should suddenly decide that for women to got topless in public is acceptable, then everything goes.

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