BERKELEY (CBS) — A west suburban woman is upset because she says the school bus dropped her 6-year-old off at the wrong stop on Tuesday–and then school officials told a stranger to drive the boy where he needed to go.

It was the first day of first grade for Tyson, and his mother Teresa McKelvey says he was excited.

“As we were getting close to the school, he said, ‘Mom, we’re almost there.’ Now he doesn’t even want to go back,” she said.

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McKelvey says the school bus that was taking Tyson home from Sunnyside Elementary in Berkeley let him off at the wrong stop. And that when her son became visibly upset, a woman saw him and called the school.

“She called the school and told the school that she had him, and the school gave her my address and told her to bring him home,” McKelvey said. “When she said, “Do you want me to bring him back to school?’ they said, ‘No, take him home.’ ”

“[They] gave a strange woman – didn’t know if she was a pedophile or a murderer – gave her my address and told her to bring my child home,” McKelvey said.

McKelvey says her son made it home OK – and she’s grateful to the woman – but she says school officials should have stepped in and made sure her son got home.

Repeated attempts to reach the superintendent of Berkeley School District 87 and the principal of Sunnyside Elementary have not been successful.

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