Kid Dropped At Wrong Bus Stop, School Has Stranger Drive Him Home

BERKELEY (CBS) — A west suburban woman is upset because she says the school bus dropped her 6-year-old off at the wrong stop on Tuesday–and then school officials told a stranger to drive the boy where he needed to go.

It was the first day of first grade for Tyson, and his mother Teresa McKelvey says he was excited.

“As we were getting close to the school, he said, ‘Mom, we’re almost there.’ Now he doesn’t even want to go back,” she said.

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McKelvey says the school bus that was taking Tyson home from Sunnyside Elementary in Berkeley let him off at the wrong stop. And that when her son became visibly upset, a woman saw him and called the school.

“She called the school and told the school that she had him, and the school gave her my address and told her to bring him home,” McKelvey said. “When she said, “Do you want me to bring him back to school?’ they said, ‘No, take him home.’ ”

“[They] gave a strange woman – didn’t know if she was a pedophile or a murderer – gave her my address and told her to bring my child home,” McKelvey said.

McKelvey says her son made it home OK – and she’s grateful to the woman – but she says school officials should have stepped in and made sure her son got home.

Repeated attempts to reach the superintendent of Berkeley School District 87 and the principal of Sunnyside Elementary have not been successful.

  • schools in session

    Fine the school and bus carrier, place bus driver on either probation or suspension without pay and replace the driver. Implement safety and security policies and procedures for the school, bus service and parents to follow that can help avoid a similar incident from happening. The school is required by law to notify the authorities and the parents when a student is displaced or missing. The school and bus driver failed to follow proper protocol. The parents should also teach their child what to do and how to take the bus to get to school and home safely.

    • Roberta Waker

      I agree, but it can be difficult to teach a 6 or 7 year old what to do if he is abandoned by the bus driver as in this case because he was probably very scared at the time. While I don’t condone cell phones for children, maybe every child should be given a cell phone with a direct line to a parent for emergencies such as this.

  • Bill S.

    District 87 is run by a bunch of morons. Fire everyone!

  • Roberta Waker

    School officials who did nothing should be FIRED. Bus driver should be FIRED. THEY are responsible for the children once they get on the school bus until they are dropped off at home. PERIOD. They were all very lucky that the woman that found him was a good samaritan and not a pedophile or worse. The school is responsible and heads should roll.

  • Therese

    Sorry the boy had such a scare. Fortunately, the lady who helped him was so responsible. Meet him at the bus stop from now on. Every day, kids suffer much worse than this from the older kids on the bus. Ask questions about the bus rides and help him put this behind him.

    • I am a kind stranger too

      I agree with you, unfortunately most posts on here do not. I think the child was probably less scared at the time than now mom is making him. I agree this was not a perfect scene, but it did end up perfectly fine-the child was not harmed and a (gasp) responsible stranger took care of him properly. This mother is freaking out and putting that stress and fear on to the child-he would not associate ‘fun’ school and a kind stranger to be something scary. And maybe mom should have been out meeting him on the first day of school too.

  • Lyndia

    Everybody that was involved in this should be fired, IMMEDIATELY.

  • Fletchguy

    You have to clean house on this one. The driver should be fired for not knoing the correct drop offs of the children. The school official who handled the call should be fired no severnce no benefits as she jepordized the well being of a child. The school district fined. The principal fired and all upper administrative officials incharge of training and procedures fired.

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