The White Sox are baseball sadists. That was painful for anyone who stayed up late to take it in; invested hours of attention and emotions only to feel violated.

If you had any doubts, they’re probably gone. The Sox are dead. Mac started our morning meeting ready to talk off-season.

Some of what we’ll get to today:

That Sox loss, and the resulting 6 and 1/2 game deficit. Even Paulie 2000 now says time is running out.

Roy Williams caught our ire yesterday, and is torched in both papers today. Can’t wait to see how he responds verbally, and on the field. Jay Cutler talks today too.

Aramis Ramirez absolutely on fire, wow. Someone is going to pay him very very well. Will it/should it be the Cubs?

NFL nuggets galore; the Ravens take an expensive flier on Bryant McKinnie.

Guests: Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio at 10. Our Laurence Holmes with Jay Cutler tape at 12:30 or so. Cubs GM dreaming: we scout Andrew Friedman with Rays TV man Dwayne Staats, scout Brian Cashman with NY Daily News’ Bill Madden (and clarify his Crane Kenney nugget from yesterday).

Come hang out.

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