(CBS) After breaking the news that the relationship between Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams was “beyond repair”, Sun-Times columnist Joe Cowley joined The McNeil and Spiegel Show Tuesday and went into more detail on the situation.

In his column, Cowley reported that the White Sox “have been getting a feel for managerial candidates” and have renewed “talks with the Florida Marlins about compensation for Guillen.”

“One of them actually got back to Ozzie,” Cowley said on 670 The Score. “So it was someone that actually has a mutual friend of Ozzie and he told him, ‘Hey, tell Ozzie his general manager is kind of feeling around to see interest during the season.'”

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Cowley also said that the relationship is so bad that a postseason run wouldn’t even cure the situation.

“They are definitely weighing an option to get Ozzie out,” he said. “Now, will winning cure all that? You would think so, but then someone texted me today within the organization and said, ‘Nah, even if they win, the relationship is too damaged that making a postseason run would (not) even cure it.'”

Cowley reported that there have been two “heated blowups” between the two this season, with the last one coming in late June.

“The last one was right before they headed off to Colorado and that’s when Ken Williams wanted Juan Pierre out, which he has since lied about and said he didn’t want Juan Pierre out,” Cowley said. “And basicially he was told by Ozzie: ‘You want the hardest working guy that we have (out), the guy that is busting his butt every day and everybody in there knows it, you go in that clubhouse and you tell him. I’m not going to tell him.’ And Ken Williams didn’t do it. And Juan Pierre has actually turned it around.”

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