Friends: State Police Caused Deadly Motorcycle Crash

WARRENVILLE, Ill. (CBS) — A motorcyclist was killed in a crash on the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway over the weekend, but there are differing stories being told about what caused the accident.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, Illinois State Police say they are still investigating the crash that killed Nicholas Linton, 29, of Aurora, this past Friday night. But they say Linton was killed when he swerved to avoid running into another motorcycle on I-88 near the Winfield Road exit.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

But Linton’s motorcycling buddies tell a different story. They say a State Police squad car cut off the motorcycles in traffic, and that Linton was thrown from his bike when he swerved to avoid the police car.

“Basically, they got cut off by the police,” said Oscar Flores, who was riding his own bike about 150 feet behind Linton and the third motorcyclist. “They slammed on the brakes right in front of my two friends.”

After being thrown from his motorcycle, Linton’s friends believe he was hit by a passing truck. The third motorcyclist was able to pull off to the shoulder of the road.

Friends also said that the State Police patrol car did not have its lights or siren on as it approached Linton and his fellow motorcyclists on I-88.

Flores said he did not know the car was a State Police vehicle until he passed.

“He came up from behind,” Flores said. “I didn’t know it was a cop or anything. I moved over to let the car pass and that’s when I noticed it was a police car.”

According to State Police, the accident is under investigation, and no more information could be released until at least Tuesday. State Police said it was still unknown whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.

Linton’s friends said he had not been drinking and that he was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

Family, friends, and club members have since approached the Chicago Far South Side branch of the NAACP for help in pursuing a full investigation of what happened Friday night.

“A friend of Nick called us and asked us if we would get involved with the accident. The way it happened it was the state trooper’s fault,” said David L. Lowery Jr., president of the NAACP chapter. “It is so tragic what happened it is unbelievable.

“It’s unusual that a state trooper would get in front of a bike to stop it, rather than behind it,” Lowery continued. “The NAACP wants to make sure that justice is done, that it was truly an accident and not something a state trooper caused out of protocol.”

The Aurora Beacon-News contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire.

  • bandido stick

    Get ready for the great police cover up. To bad your friend had to be murdered to find out how crooked the police are. I would bet money (lots) they will find the officer was within his job description. By the time this is over you will hate the police and the great carpet this will be swept under.

    • KE

      “Murdered” — surely you jest.

      It is a SAD loss for all the motorcycle “family”
      but …

      .. it sounds more like the motorcycle driver was failing to keep an appropriate distance behind the cop car… driver error

      Secondly, the motocyclist SWERVED and got run over by a truck.. again driver error

  • Scott

    No cover up, no murder, just a terrible accident. The police are not crooked, that’s a load of BS. It sounds to me like the officer was within his job description. The NAACP is as big a garbage organization as the ACLU. Nothing but trouble makers!

    • Roberta Waker

      And just what job description is that? If the officer cut in front of the motorcycle and jammed on his brakes for no reason, it was NOT an accident. With enough witnesses I would think that justice will be done. If the police are at fault; they should be treated like any other driver that caused a serious/fatal accident; if not, the motorcyclist can’t be punished because he’s dead. Don’t police cars have videos working when they drive and pull someone over? This should tell the true story. I agree about the ACLU; they’re only good if you’re an ILLEGAL criminal..

      • Bernie

        Were you there? How do you know the officer “jammed on his brakes for no reason.”? Videos aren’t on all the time – that’s an invasion of privacy which you liberals all scream and shout about until you find out it would have been in your favor.

  • GO Southside

    Some Crotch-Rocket riders give ALL BIKERS A bad impression of motorcyclists to drivers. This is why we do not get respect out on the road.
    Last Friday, I was coming home from Aurora on I-88 East bound in the center lane cruising at 65 MPH in my SUV.
    When, all of a sudden this crotch-rocket rider pulled along side of me and pops a wheelie. Oh, Big deal I said. The worst thing of it was this jack-A$$ has friend’s in a car next to him and they start enticing him and of course they are filming this jerk for 3/4 of a mile. In the mean time I was where the F’n cops??
    Now, I am a motorcyclist and I have traveled across this country. Yet, I have not acted in this type reckless manner.

    not to say that this group of rider did any wrong. But I bet they have at one time or another they have.

  • Rick

    Here comes the race card!!!!

  • rick

    Here we go. The race card!!!!

  • Charles

    i guess if you speed they have a rght to kill you now. It’s amazing how cops think their so much better than every one else. Just watch the cop shows and you’ll see it all the time. Anyone read between the lnes on these comments. I love the one about following too close. Have you ever had someone cut in front of you and slam on the brakes trying to cut into an exit lane in front of every one else. The world is a sad place now with all the morones in charge now.

  • Skridlow

    KE & Scott responses are typical of off duty cops perusing the papers to provide back up hogwash for their brothers-in-arms. See it all the time nowadays. If he biker was wrong, tragedy he made the mistakes that he did. But if he WASNT wrong then the officer should pay liek anyone else. But we all know he will NOT diciplined regardless of guilt. End of story.

  • Brian

    As an American of African descent, I read the first few lines of this story without any prejudice, When I got to the part about being cut off and the “conficting” story of the other riders, I said to myself, this sounds like some black s#!t. THEN, I saw NAACP and it confrimed but did not shock me. I live on the Southside and whenever the Police shoot someone ther are “conflicting” stories from the so-called “witnesses”. When Pookie and Ray Ray shoots somebody, aint’t nobody seen s#!t. So, whatever. Just my two cents.

  • State Police Say They Weren’t To Blame For Deadly Motorcycle Crash « CBS Chicago

    […] Linton died from the injuries he suffered in the crash at 9:15 p.m. this past Friday. […]

  • motorcycle accident

    You have to be very careful when you are riding motor bike…
    Because it is very important to your life safety..


    Drew Petterson Was a Sarg too. and brian you smell fishy.

  • tyroneb

    I’ll believe the state police before I believe any of these speeding motorcycle riders! I can’t count how many times I have had crotch rockets fly by me in excess of 100 mph. Have you ever came up on one in heavy traffic? They can’t see you unless they turn their heads almost completely around..expecially if they have a helmet on. If a cop was trying to get the speeding motorcycles to notice him…common sense tells you he would have to pass them first. Make this a race issue??? Really?? Talk about crying wolf!! How the hell can a trooper tell this guy was black? He was wearing a helmet..driving over 90 mph…in the middle of the night…and I assume on a dark/non lighted interstate. NAACP…you are not helping with the advancement of colored people…you spoke too soon on this matter. You have harmed the NAACP’s credibility. A police officer is not supposed to attempt to stop a vehicle speeding in excess of 90mph??? This guy is at fault for his own death. #1 for getting on a motorcycle in the first place..#2 for driving over 90mph! You race whiners make it harder for people who are actually victims of racism.

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