Report: Multiple First-Graders Handcuffed, Told They Were Going To Prison

UPDATED 08/31/11 7:09 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Multiple students were handcuffed at a Far South Side elementary school and were told they were going to prison, according to a published report.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, Michael Carin, the attorney for parent LaShanda Smith, said in an e-mail to the Chicago Tribune that school officials at Carver Primary School, at 901 E. 133rd Pl. in the Chicago Housing Authority’s Altgeld Gardens development, hired an on-campus security guard last year to discipline some disruptive first-graders.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Carin told the Tribune that the security officer took students out of class and held them in an office with no other adults present, where they were handcuffed. The guard told the children were told they were going to prison and would never see their parents again, the attorney told the newspaper.

Smith’s lawsuit made headlines Tuesday, as her first-grade son was allegedly one of the children who was handcuffed.

The Tribune reported the security guard handcuffed Smith’s son and left his arms locked – for one full hour, the Tribune reported.

Carin claims the school system has ignored his attempts to address the situation, the Tribune reported.

Smith is seeking more than $100,000 in damages. CPS officials declined to comment to the Tribune on the lawsuit.

  • kay

    I had a problem with one of my sons at school and the security guards scare him so bad he never did anything wrong in again. kids need to start listening to their teacher and stop disrespect their teacher their parents.

    • Cpt. Davis

      If you kid misbehaved at school then you are a failure as a parent. Good manners and good behavior begin at home. Your kids ought to be taken away from you if you feel as you commented.

    • KE

      Well said!!!

    • wil

      respact starts at home and is carried over into sociaty if you as parents dont have respect for yourselves it will reflect onto your offspring i saw alot of it out in ill. thats why im back home in n.y.

      • wil

        but on the other hand kids will be kids and test the waters as like every child ahead of them

  • Parent

    They should call the parents and tell them to pick up their child from school instead. When the parent has to deal with an out of control kid for the day, when they could have been in school, the problem might get solved faster.

    • KE

      YEp. But then they will eb cliaming that you ahve no right to call their child “disruptove”… that you are denying their child an education.. blah, blah, blah!

  • NWA

    Maybe he will join a gang. But, if he does I hope he comes to your neighborhood and burn your house down and shoot your relatives.


  • ace11

    my bet i this kid is 1 of 8 of Lashanda’s…with like 5 dads

    also his father is probably nowhere to be found

    kid was probably stealing since he could crawl

    • cm

      yep. another lazy democrat on welfare, looking for FREE MONEY.

  • ex aid

    Try going to the Emmet Grammar School on the west side at madison st and central ave,there is no order in that school it`s awful.I wish the news would sneak a camera crew in and film for a couple of hours without anyones knowledge.The behavior by the student`s is to say the least SCHOCKING.
    It`s like your in a different country!!!!!!!

  • KE

    Oh Come Now.. all those students at Emmet are complete Angels.
    ..Just ask their parents.
    “I know my boy and he don’t play that way”

    Unfortunately, all the bleeding heart liberals have decided to coddle these “disadvantaged” kids and they have tied the hands on school admionistrators, teachers and principals.

    The major disadvantage these kids have is their parent’s inability and desire to parent!!!

    • mmm

      Amen to that!

  • James Steever

    This kid was lucky. Back in the day, when you misbehaved in school a nun or lay teachers would tell you to put your hands on top of your desk then proceed to “whack” you with a ruler or stick. And that was a first warning. The “pussification” of our kids is really sickening and I applaud the security guard for taking a proactive stance to try and teach the kid not to act like an idiot. I hope the case gets thrown out… and that the kid learned something unfamilar for today’s kids… that would be a “lesson”.

  • jlg

    How hard could it be to videotape the activities, especially if this is an ongoing process? Webcams are very, very cheap and then we all have proof of the activity that occurred. Without any other adults present it is the voice of many children against 1 adult.

  • Shaniqua Schwartzberg

    These future criminals are going to be handcuffed and sent to prison eventually…why not prepare them for it??

    • Elroy Silverberg


  • cm

    something tells me that there was more to it than just “talking in class.”

    and the “family,” if you want to call it that, is most likely a welfare queen and her shack-up boyfriend, who never bothered to actually RAISE the child or children that they produced to obtain taxpayer benefits.

  • Cheri

    As a former teacher of students with behavior problems, I am thrilled to see all of the responses putting the blame where it belongs, on the child and the parent. As for calling the parents to have them pick up their disruptive child, I can’t count the number of times parents refused to come pick up their child, and sometimes I was told by the school district to stop bothering the parents. They all insisted that the child needed their education, but with out of control children there is no education going on and the other students in the class also lose their education time. Firm discipline and unlimited suspensions need to be brought back to public schools.

  • ad

    100k suit. Parents want to get rich from there terrible child raising skills. These parents take no responsibilty for their own actionsor non actions of raising their kids. What a shame if this gets awarded.

  • Ralph Budzynski

    I do a children’s ministry at a receiving home in ca. i see parents come in to visit their kids in expensive clothes and cars, and tattoos.usually they have a baby on their hip. these are beautiful kids with sometimes bad attitudes, which is a reflection of their parents behavior. i have also heard comversations in the public arena, such as waiting in line at a store, whereby a casual conversation ensues, regarding the fact that the parent would be on probation for drugs, and their child would be at the receiving home, etc. the point is… there is no remorse for their poor behavior, nor is there any personal love shown to their kids! The receiving home seems to be a holding place for the parents to put their kids, so mom and (dad?) could take a vacation from them and have a way to escape from their woes of having a child get in their way. Many kids at the center are raised by their grandparents. I had one child come up to me a year later and said”I’m so very happy to be back here”! this is the result of taking God out of humanity in the schools, in the revised bibles, in the court system, and especially in the family. what is a family these days? How can it now be defined? One thing is certain…God exists, and He does not change with our fantacies and delusions. the schoold these days purposely teach falsities, which have been planned by Luciferians, to disrypt humanity. Look it up, and learn.

    This is a warning from God. He is real and these are the end days…Look at all the birth pangs going on. “There will be wars and rumors of wars. earthquakes in divers places and famone in the lands”

    Just as parents should be accountible for their misdeeds, so will all humans who sin against their God. He has been patient long enough, and He promises to come again (sson) to avenge all those of His people who have suffered the pains of neglect , torture, and child sacrifice.

    Don’t blame the good loving living God, for your woes. Blame the evil god of this world LUcifer. His time is short also. Beware people, find God again, for you know not what you do! Repent before it is too late…Jesus the CHrist is coming. You will see His face Mark my words. Please repent.

  • Sue

    Everyone that grows up in the project is not on welfare and all children don’t grow up to be gangsters so don’t label them all the same. I’m sure there are some good kids in that school, I don’t know anything about the school or the area because I’m not from Chicago. Like James said back in the day you got your butt beat if you acted up in school. To Cheri Amen we need to get prayer back in school and butt beatings back in school. To Shaniqua, CM, Wil, KE, ad and ace11 you all don’t know this woman but because of where she lives and her child goes to this school you just assume she is a lazy welfare woman. But from your writings you all need to go back to school you can’t spell, so what did you do when you were in school bully people. You six are so negative if there were any children in that school that was good and they stood out from the reason you all would pull them down with your words of hate. I have grandchildren in school and their mother keeps moving so they can stay in a good school, some people can’t do this so they and their children becomes a product of their environment. Did you idiots read about the mother going to jail because she wanted her children in a good school so she gave them someone’s else address to get her children in good school.

  • Will T

    Wow, some classy comments on this article.

    A good talking-to by the security guard would be one thing, but how anyone that considers themselves a christian can consider handcuffing a FIRST GRADER for an hour and telling them they won’t see their parents again as a good thing… just sickening.

    Ask yourself WWJD. I’m guessing he wouldn’t handcuff a kid and lie to him. That’s just my opinion however.

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