4 Youths Charged With Knocking Cyclist Off Bike, Robbing Him

UPDATED 09/02/11 6:29 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Four youths have been charged with mugging a bicyclist on the Lakefront Bike Path near 31st Street Wednesday night.

David Coxhead, a 37-year-old Hyde Park resident, was riding the bike path near the 31st Street beach around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“It was a really nice night — there were fireworks, and it was beautiful,” he said.

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But suddenly, some kids stepped in front of Coxhead and slowed him down.

It was “really astonishing — the kids were so young,” Coxhead told CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman.

Coxhead told police he was hit with a replica wooden rifle and knocked off of his bike.

“He swung the butt at me, like they were swinging a tennis racquet, so he swung it at my face; hit me right above the eye. I fell down, I kind of resisted a bit, and they started kicking me,” Coxhead said.

The juveniles kicked and punched Coxhead in the head and demanded money. But Coxhead had no money, only his bag.

One of the offenders grabbed the bag and started walking away when he noticed a squad car making a traffic stop. He then dropped the bag and took the replica gun, and the four ran across the 35th Street overpass over Lake Shore Drive.

Then Coxhead says another group of boys — older than his assailants — came up to him.

“They helped me up and gave me a T-shirt to put over my face because I was bleeding pretty bad. And they called the police.”

Meanwhile, the youths who allegedly attacked Coxhead did not escape. Police took them into custody right afterward.

The four boys – ages 10 to 16 – are charged with aggravated battery and attempted robbery. Police say they were were a part of a bigger group.

There are some security problems with the path. Trees along it offer cover for someone who might have ill will, and bikers tell CBS 2 it’s not well lit.

“From this part to the 39th Street Beach, no lights, nowhere,” one biker said.

Coxhead, a doctoral candidate at the Illinois Institute of Technology, received 11 stitches. He got his keys, books and bike back.

Coxhead says has taken the lakefront bike path for years from IIT to his Hyde Park home. But now, he says, “I’m probably going to not ride my bike at night anymore.”

  • tom Sharp

    At least a dozen blogs like this a day but Rahm and Top Cop keep telling everyone that the crime rate is down!

  • Jim Q.

    Youths my butt……If they are old enough to act as terrorists, treat them as such….They know there are too many liberals out there……

  • CFLC

    An foot closer to Detroit, Chicago.

  • BG

    Possibly a hate crime.

    • matt

      I agree BG. But when it is done to anyone but Black, it is NOT A HATE CRIME PER OUR SOCIETY.

  • Elroy Silverberg

    Definitely like NWA

    • NWA



  • Annie Oakley

    These ‘youths’ are terrorists, plain and simple. Send them to gitmo and quit wasting my tax dollars!

    • NWA

      Sending them to Guantanamo Bay would be a waste of my tax dollars you knucklehead!


      • Chuck

        Sticks and stones could break my bones, but names…. oh, that’s right. You people use sticks and stones too.

  • Matt

    CAN WE PLEASE STATE THE RACE OF THE “YOUTHS” ???? I am assuming they are black, but apparently the media cannot state this. I feel this over coddling of the black community to be absurd and does them no good.

    • NWA

      I Believe they’re not telling the skin color of the perpetrators because they know that people like you are you’re waiting to post your racist cud.


      • Annie

        @NWA. You defend any criminal as long as they’re black. All you do is make excuses and blame whites for this horrible behavior… day after day. What makes you better than the people you criticize?

      • Matt

        So NWA if a group of white kids commited the same vile act, it would not be racist. Any person who attacks another for there race is a racist and this is a hate crime. Equal rights and safety for all.

  • Just Axin

    Thanks CBS for still running this article. We all need to call our state legislators and insist that laws are changed. These little pieces of trash need to be incarcerated with no expungement of their records. It should not matter that they are under a certain age when they commit adult crimes.

  • dan

    Fences and check points just like in bagdad or fence them in and let them rot like the chosen has to do in the gaza strip.

    It’s getting to be like there is really no other choice!

    • Shamerca Jefferson

      @dan, I’m totally for that idea. Fence in the south and west sides, and require a pass to get through checkpoints. Anyone who is black would have to pass through a metal detector.

      • Jermain

        @NWA, don’t you think this idea would confine the black homie problem to the black communities, rather than seeing more innocent victims like the guy in the above story?

      • NWA

        Wouldn’t that be like what the Whites did in the 1800 during slavery?


  • Sickened

    Just build more prisons hire more guards and keep locking bad guys up,there is no fix to crime.I used to think parental guidence was key but that`s not going to happen either!!!!!

  • aucucuxi

    Давайте выясним тем, что Вы вчера готовили или просто вкушали, а готовил кто-то другой на завтрак. Как Вам больше приходится. А остальные будут читать и облизываться. Можно и рецепты давать, если хотите.

    • Anonymous

      @aucucuxi, I agree. Excellent post, keep up the good work…

  • BlackShooter

    Three Letters. CCW. When these kids know that adults are armed and willing to use a gun to defend themselves is when this nonsense will stop. Remember Chicago Democrats puts lives at risk with irrational gun laws that don’t work.

  • anthony slayton

    they also stole my bike, most likely the same kids i remember the ten year old.. he was there and they knocked me off my $1000 bmx bike in the same exact area police did nothing really. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PLEASE

  • Anonymous

    It’s not racist, its facts, its statistics, look at the numbers, they don’t lie. Sure there are criminals of every race, but look at the number of blacks that rob innocent people everyday. No where in this city is safe anymore, it’s sad. Wheres Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton now? Obviously the black community has deep issues right now and they need some guidance. I don’t think MLK fought for civil rights for this type of stuff to happen on a daily basis. I would be disgusted with my race if I read about them doing stuff like this everyday.

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