Zambrano To Collect Salary But Won’t Play Again In 2011

CHICAGO (CBS) — Troubled pitcher Carlos Zambrano’s suspension expires on Sunday, but the Chicago Cubs have no plans to put him back on the field.

The organization released the following statement on Friday: “Carlos Zambrano will remain at home for the remainder of the 2011 baseball season and the Cubs will resume paying Zambrano his salary at the end of the 30-day suspension. The suspension is scheduled to run through Sunday, September 11, leaving insufficient preparation time for Zambrano to pitch again this season.”

The Cubs suspended Zambrano on Aug. 12 after the volatile pitcher was thrown out of a game in Atlanta for throwing at the Braves Chipper Jones. He had given up five home runs before the incident. Zambrano then cleaned out his locker, left the stadium and said he was going to retire.

Zambrano, who is making more than $18 million this season, later said he had no plans to quit the game and pleaded with the Cubs to let him play again. He signed a five-year, $91.5 million deal, effective in 2008.

The players union had filed a grievance after the suspension, which the Cubs said will be handled in the off-season.

  • Cameltoe Rancher


    Scurvy Ricketts fumbles away YET ANOTHER public statement. All that needs to be said is that Big Baby needs to be taken out back and shot. What’s this BS about
    “The suspension is scheduled to run through Sunday, September 11, leaving insufficient preparation time for Zambrano to pitch again this season”? Time has nothing to do with it. Big Lazy is a cancer and should be cut out like one.

  • swiper

    I think Big Z may be the smartest one of all – followed in Lou’s steps and took the last month or so off from a disatrous season. Big Z is many things but you have to give him credit for getting himself out of the pile of dung known as the Cub’s organization. Oh Mr Ricketts, you’ve got some splaining to do. Hey, I know. You should go on Undercover Boss and disguise yourself as a September call up.


    I think they’ll end up losing part of the suspension. It should have been tried when they knew he refused trainers’ advice.
    I can give him credit for the nine wins he earned this season, with the ease of a guy who could’ve probably earned 12-15.
    Think of the pitching moves they had to make. They had to trade Derek Lee (strangely, they don’t have to trade Silva).

    And the Sox started the dirge. It must be September.

    • jon erickson

      another illegal freeloader just a larger scale than most

  • rankino

    Still a headcase, always was, always will be.

  • stew

    Zambrano would be the #3 pitcher on a top club.
    How is it that the Cubs gave him $18mm?

    Who was the last head case in sports who could perform in a big game?
    Jim McMahon, perhaps?
    It doesn’t happen that often.

    I hope the Cubs have some serious testicles and cut this chump off at the knees, because I doubt any other team would pick him up now, unless it’s at a bargain basement price.


      DIdn’t he get a road win in the ’03 series? No one’s body is designed to throw a baseball over 88 mph, let alone 80 or more times a day (add the number of years):
      But, he didn’t take care of himself.
      He gets that contract. This isn’t football.

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