MAYWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — You might call it a labor of love — quite literally.

A 38-year-old Chicago woman spent Labor Day actually in labor at Loyola University Medical Center. And she says the pain of heartbreak would be worse than any physical pain she endured. She and her husband prayed for a miracle tonight after years of failed attempts at having their first child together.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones spent some time with the family inside the birthing room tonight as they waited and watched.

“Since I’m on the epidural, I’m floating,” said Monica Aguirre, “I am in pain. I’m definitely in pain right now, but it’s tolerable.”

On Monday afternoon, Monica Aguirre’s body was telling her it was almost time for her Labor Day labor to lead to a healthy birth. It was to be a first for her and her husband, Michael Aguirre.

“God has answered my prayers to get us to this point right now. We’re about 5 days after our due date. Every moment is worth it for me,” the mother-to-be said.

It would be especially rewarding because she’s been pregnant four times in the past two years. Each time brought tragedy. She’s had two ectopic pregnancies and one miscarriage. Plus, she lost a set of twins when her water broke early. Monica was just five months along at the time.

“They survived with us for hours. And it was very painful, you know. Because one of our little boys passed in my husband’s arms. And it was unfortunate. Because when you actually can see them in front of you. And compare, them. It’s something that just sticks in your head and never goes away,” she said.

Beside her in her birthing room, a machine beeped with each of her baby’s heartbeats. Every pulse brought the family closer to welcoming a son.

“She’s looking good,” said Dr. Scott Graziano, of Loyola University Medical Center, “We’re moving slowly, but everything’s moving in the right direction.”

Aguirre was admitted into the hospital Sunday with labor pain. Doctors administered medication to speed the process. By 5 p.m., she was still laboring.

“It’s a good feeling. That I’m one of those soldiers out there that actually went into labor on labor day,” she said.

Her husband agreed.

“Very exciting. Very exciting. To finally have my baby boy come home soon hopefully,” said Michael Aguirre.

Michael has an 11-year-old daughter, Mariah, who couldn’t wait for her little brother to arrive. The family’s only hope is to offer the warmth of love to this child.

A little boy who will grow up knowing all the faith and strength it took to bring him into the world.

“Mommy would do it all over again,” said Monica Aguirre with tears rolling down her face, “In a heartbeat.”

And tonight, her wish for a healthy baby was granted.

Franco “Frankie” Aguirre was born at 7:37 p.m. at 8 pounds, 14 ounces.

Mom and baby are said to be doing fine.

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