‘Batmanning’ Replacing ‘Planking’ As New Internet Trend

CHICAGO (CBS) — Planking or Owling? Forget about it.

Now, it’s “Batmanning.”

While the planking trend involved taking your picture in various places lying flat, “batmanning” is much more difficult–and possibly more dangerous. It involves hanging upside down, only by your feet.

A group of Purdue University freshmen claim to have started the trend late last month. They made a video that shows them hanging from various locations on campus–from parking garages, stadium gates and statues.

While it clearly requires much more athleticism than planking, some fear it could lead to serious injury. There were reports of people hurting themselves while lying flat, while planking. One can only imagine what could happen if people fall while hanging upside down.

A video posted by the Purdue students has gone viral, with over 400,000 views and has inspired numerous imitations

“If you do a Google search there’s a ton of articles (about the video), from the UK to articles in languages I can’t even understand. It’s definitely gone international,” Purdue student Chris Ganz told the Lafayette Journal and Courier.

  • One Vote For a Thinner Herd

    Beware of gravity, Planet Dim. As Planking led to Batmanning, I look forward to…Dumbest.

    • todd

      I am amazed that NOBODY here noticed this little bit in the article:
      “There were reports of people hurting themselves while lying flat, while planking. One can only imagine what could happen if people fall while hanging upside down.”
      Please tell me how someone could get hurt while lying down. It is something that BILLIONS of people do each and every day – its called SLEEPING you morons

      • JM in San Diego CA

        todd, AKA Mr. I-Don’t-Get-It: They plank in dangerous places, often imposing unusual and sometimes intolerable stresses on their bodies. Damage follows, hence the idea of being hurt, as you put it.

      • James

        @todd: They did it in high places such as railings of balconies, etc.. and fell. The article could have been more specific but that is what they meant. This has happened.

      • Leonidas

        College students need something productive to do like protecting the principals of Western Civilization from the constant onslaught.

        Join the Youth for Western Civilization today!


      • Kev

        I’m sorry todd, but you’re the moron here. People have been injured or killed by planking in Inappropriate and dangerous places.


    • McFly

      LOL, it may clean out a few idiots from the gene pool, but at least with those that survive, they are more easily identified.

    • MadMonk

      I welcome this new trend. It makes it much easier to clear the morons out of the gene pool.

    • Marko

      More than getting hurt, at least one died while “planking” on or between balconies several stories up. Darwin at work.



  • agentandy

    Kids do stupid things. Sometimes it is for the attention, sometimes it is for the fun/thrill of doing it.

  • tg

    This is what Batman does when he is thinking real had, trying to solve a crime.

  • walter12

    These silly kids need to be put to work somewhere.

    • Nick Lester

      They’re college students…getting a degree…to get a good job.

      • redace66

        These are just kids being kids, when i was 18 or so i free climbed, now THAT is stupid. Oh and, hey Richard i went to trade school, became a welder, and made 95k last year only working 6 months. So who’s the b17ch now =D.

      • RicardoCabeza

        @Richard Henkle

        You need a degree “mathamatics” to be a rent boi? Also for “mathematician” your number sense is weak you don’t earn 9OK a year on your knees you earn 09K

      • John M

        If they were not spoiled college students, they’d have to be working to pay their way through. If they were truly looking for a good job, they would be at a technical school learning a skilled trade instead of foolishly jumping into a HUGE pool of overeducated, underexperienced, useless young men and women with no work ethic and no clue.

        Children raising children. Thanks baby boomers, your kids never grew up, and neither will your grandchildren.

      • Richard Henkle

        Hey John M, is that jealousy I read in your post? FYI – I did work to pay my way though school, along with the GI Bill, and now have a degree in Mathematics making over $90K a year. You can thank my baby boomer mom for that. Technical school? haha, have fun being my b17ch, sucka!

      • Erin

        I am in college and I work. Sometimes you have to take a break from school and do something silly or stupid for fun. You can’t study or work all the time.
        These guys are obviously ripped and have the ability to do athletic hijinks like this. If someone stupid wants to follow suit it’s their own neck. Don’t hate on theses guys because of it.

      • RLABruce

        No one who is batmanning has enough sense to hold a job.

    • Mark Baldwin

      This is work, they were hired by the government to hang around and do nothing…part of the new jobs bill…since there were no shovels ready.

    • pablo

      There aren’t any jobs for the fr****in GROWNUPS who have real bills to pay, never college kids who wanna hang upside down like fools

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  • Sailordude

    Don’t fall, that will definitely break your neck! I did stupid stuff like this as a really bored 11 year old in NYC, hangout of high rise windows. I have shivers when I think how close to death I came, really really stupid thing to do.

  • teaj

    good lord we need jobs bad.

  • Mathias Orange

    Ya know I”m not big on leaving comments. It takes so much time to type in my info and so on. So the ONE TIME I have something funny to add I go through the rigga marole and poof! Where’;s my comment? Of course! Wheres my efen comment? God Bless! Get your stuff together!

  • Mathias Orange

    Oh you posted that one though! (Rolls Eyes)

  • Regulas

    Don’t you just love the media hypes and their effort to manipulate the population. They get a picture of a couple kids doing something stupid like college kids do and now we are suppose to believe it is some wide spread craze taking the country by storm like the Frisbee did. I guess it works because look at the hype around Obama and the sheeple people bought into all those lies.

    • seth

      this is actually pretty common on lots of comedy websites throughout the internet and it is at least a little more creative than planking, although still dumb

  • Hm

    Throughout the last great depression, pole sitting and dancing marathons were all the rage…

    • Yep

      Good to see our elected leaders are doing such a good job with the first tradition, at least.

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  • Blak Fools

    RIGHT ON FOOLS !!!!!

    I’M WAITING TO SEE the BODIES from this STUNT!!!!!

    The MORE DEAD —the BETTER!!!!!!

    • RLABruce

      I nominate the first casualties for a Darwin Award.

  • Massimo Deportado

    This country is too weak and perverted to survive.

    Thanks Libs!

  • Steve

    We love this new craze! And we’ll be waiting for Lady Gaga to embrace Batmanning in one of her videos. While this looks cool, I am sure there is some danger in making these crazy videos that we don’t get to see…we saw lots of batmanning photos at http://batmanning.co.uk

  • Darwin

    New Darwin awards to follow as the Lemmings crush their skulls and snap their necks.

  • One Eyed Jacks

    Kids these days! What’ll they think of next………….

  • One Eyed Jacks


    Throughout the last great depression, pole sitting and dancing marathons were all the rage…

    Hey! Pole sitting, now THERE’s an interesting idea for a new fad. Kinda retro too!

  • odb

    the new trend

    doosh bagging….this is anyone that planks or batmans and posts it on the internet

  • Vince

    Batmanning? Thank goodness their education is not going to waste.

  • Do The Dew

    Next up….SUPERMANNING right off the top of the parking garage! EXTREEME!

  • Barack Obama

    Wow! These kids are really clever and hip! I admire their creativity. These young people are the future of our country!

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  • Jim

    Whimps, why don’t they try Spidermanning ? Cause the webs in their head.

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