Kenny Williams started his press conference
Monday with his trademark tough-guy bravado. He basically told the media to
hurry up with their Ozzie questions because Kenny didn’t want to “prolong” the
session and he had “nothing profound to say.”


Unfortunately Kenny’s actions the past few seasons have spoken much louder
than the too-few-and-far-between words of the often reclusive general



Kenny’s Jim Hendry-like recent run of bad and costly moves–Adam Dunn, Alex
Rios, Jake Peavy, Mark Teahan, et al–seemingly hasn’t
humbled the Sox GM.



Though toward the end of the Q & A, Williams did say he won’t “be
holding his head high” when he leaves the Cell after the Sox play their last
game Wednesday.



Why would he?



While the Sox have not entered Tim Floyd territory in being bad, ala the
Bulls, in the six years after winning their 2005 World Series Championship,
Williams best remember even six such titles couldn’t save Jerry Krause’s GM



The Sox single and brief playoff appearance since the World Series should
mean Kenny’s seat is more than on high simmer.



First and foremost, Kenny has to make the right hire to replace Ozzie. The
vote here is for Sandy Alomar, Jr., a class act and knowledgeable baseball man
who should take to the job with little trouble.



Then Kenny has to hope Dunn, Rios, and Peavy find ways to turn their costly
disasters of a season firmly in the rearview mirror.



It would help if Gordon Beckham finds a renewed groove under whatever new
hitting coach is in the Sox dugout next season and Carlos Quentin doesn’t again
break the Sox bank with his annual co-pays for doctors visits.



Keeping Coop around with the four-year extension he and the Sox pitching
coach agreed to Tuesday will keep paying dividends.



But Kenny also should sit down to a big piece of humble pie. The man who
famously once said: “Stay out of White Sox business,” should soften the edges.
He should not try to entertain the pen and mic club ala Ozzie. Kenny couldn’t
pull that off if he wanted. But he also should act more professional while
handling the White Sox business in which we are supposed to stay out.



Firing Joey Cora via text, as reported by Sun-Times columnist and Score
contributor Joe Cowley, was just wrong.
Cora, Guillen’s close friend and bench coach, was told he
would serve as interim manager for the final two games.
A team official also told reporters that Cora would serve as
interim manager.
But Cora received a text Tuesday morning from Williams telling him not to bother
coming to the ballpark because Don Cooper is taking over the team for the last
two games.
That is just wrong.
Not claiming Rios off of waivers wrong, but bad business
Now nemesis No. 1 Ozzie is counting his $16 million on the big
boat Guillen crassly boasted about on his way out of Chicago Monday, Kenny will have no one else to blame but
himself should the Sox continue to underachieve.
More importantly, neither will Jerry Reinsdorf.
Hope you will join Mully and me between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. Wednesday when we talk Chicago sports.
As always, thanks for listening.

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