(CBS) During the Bears’ 34-29 victory on Sunday, the offense wasted two timeouts on one drive in the second half.

Offensive coordinator Mike Martz couldn’t relay the play call to quarterback Jay Cutler in time, and two timeouts were ultimately wasted to avoid a delay of game.

Former Bears quarterback Jim Miller said that wouldn’t have been an issue during his time in Chicago.

“If I knew there was a situation where I we can’t afford to waste a timeout – or we shouldn’t afford to waste it – I would just call a play,” Miller told The McNeil and Spiegel Show on Monday. “… I had the flexibility to do it. That way we weren’t wasting timeotus in those type of critical situations because we all know they’re valuable. They’re especially valuable when you’re in a tight ball game where the winner hasn’t been determined. With all these come back victories, I don’t know if it’s ever determined in the National Football League.”

It’s no secret Cutler has little control over the offense and that Martz is the only one calling the plays. Cutler isn’t allowed to audible or call a play at the line of scrimmage in the Bears’ offense.

“I think (Cutler’s) upset because everyting’s not clicking at a high level,” Miller said. “You want everything to be an efficient operation. It just doesn’t seem to be that efficient where everything is smooth.”

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