Obama Calls 1985 Chicago Bears ‘Greatest Team In History’

CHICAGO (CBS) — More than a quarter century after the Chicago Bears steam-rolled to the Super Bowl title, President Obama welcomed the team to the White House, calling them the “greatest team in NFL history.”

“This city was brought together by this team,” Obama said. “This team ruled the city, they were like the Beatles.”

SLIDESHOW: ’85 Bears Meet Obama At White House

Quarterback Jim McMahon, lacking his punky hair of 1985, took his seat on the White House lawn wearing his trademark headband.

“Enjoy yourselves, but don’t break anything and keep your eyes on McMahon,” the president joked.

The Bears were visiting the White House 26 years after they defeated New England 46-10 in Super Bowl XX.

Their visit with President Reagan at the White House that year was canceled because of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster that same day.

  • Chuck G.

    Shame on you, Dan Hampton. Respect the Office, if not the man. You have lost some stature in my eyes.

    • Marty

      Stand your ground Dan Hampton. Stand for what you believe. I am proud of you. Don’t let peopel like Chuckie Geeee get be better of you.

  • mike

    I agree with Chuck G Hampton…you have NO CLASS!!!

    • Marty


  • Much Respect!

    I have a new level of respect for Hampton!!! You want to talk about NO class?? Obama supporters have no class and even less intelligence! Atleast Hampton stands by his beliefs. All you bear fans living in the past are morons anyway.

    • Jess

      @ Much Respect – Your mama. Hope about that?!

  • truFOOTBALLfan

    u call living in past so we are morons?I hope see u on sidewalk then i bet u will kiss concrete with leftover u call teth,The BEARS 85was the best team in hisoty ofNFL defence was so dominated that no otehr teams will have in century in the NFL and ur f%$#ing opinon so suck so pay some respect coz its not about Obama <its about one of the greatest players in that season………Ur luky u dont liv in europe those guys will teach u respect if they know who u are,thet showing lov & respect for tems not like u bigmouth c&^%$#@#@uker

    • Mary

      i understand you’rew upset but try to make some sense..

      • Roberta Waker

        I agree with you Mary. It’s hard to make sense and his English and spelling are terrible. Hard to believe a truFOOTBALLfan could be so iliterate. The Bears were great in 1985 and they deserved to win the Superbowl. But now we need to concentrate on the 2011 Bears and the 2012 Superbowl. If the Bears can’t protect Cutler and start playing like a team, they won’t even make it to the finals let alone the Super Bowl.

  • Tom

    Hampton You rock. Cbs news are typical liberal biased media and didn’t mention Hampton being absent on the tv broadcast.

  • truFOOTBALLfan

    i know…but we got durning those years lot of good football teams,like PATRIOTS,STEELERS even heated Green Bay,and this is not about Obamas supporters or other politics,its about fans ,no matter how we play we got already hall of fames like Hester whos better that Brady now(coz Pats are hot but they in past last seasons fail BIG TIME in playoffs even with the perfect record 16-0 with Giants),Urlacher …so my point is we can live with past coz its our Chicago history and we are proud of it!!TEAMS LIKE BEARS ,HAWKS,BULLS,SOX(CUBS TOO) MAKE THIS CITY ONE OF THE BEST SPORT CITIES IN US>>AND WHO ARE U Much Respect?? TO JUDGE US???WHAT CITY U BELONG???TIHUANA IN MEXICO???

    • NO respect!

      Go fuk yourself you illiterate piece of garbage! Geez, are you that drunk, or that stupid?? Either way FAH-Q!

  • Reverse Kriswell

    Had the Challenger disaster not occurred, President Reagan might have welcomed Coach Ditkus, Walter Patton, Dan Hymen and Steve McMurray. History’s loss.

  • Dan Bornstein

    Hampton out-classed by Ditka – Priceless!!!!

  • Marty

    ditka OUTCLASSED by Hampton. Priceless. Hey Ditka, take care of you alcoholic children instead of the o”baby.


    well well welll well

    If I’m not allowed to post this time, I’m going to pack up my computer, and seek greener pastures.

    • Intercourse The Gatekeeper

      Then stay with us, Dorothy — I mean SPAULDING!.

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