AJ Pierzynski Says Players Drank ‘Rally Beer’ During Games

(CBS) It’s no secret Ozzie Guillen kept a loose clubhouse, but just how loose was it?

Apparently, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for White Sox players to be drinking alcohol during games. Catcher AJ Pierzynski said sometimes a “rally beer” was helpful.

“Yes, absolutely I have before,” Pierzynski told The Dan Patrick Show when asked if he had ever drank during a game. “Sometimes you’re just really struggling and you just say ‘Hey, you know what, I need something to calm me down and let’s have a beer.’ A couple of us will do it together, and sometimes it works out.  I mean, it just, sometimes you just need a rally beer. If you’re in extra innings and you’re in about the 15th inning and you need to get going again, that sometimes works for you.”

Later in the interview, Pierzynski clarified that he wouldn’t drink an entire beer during a game, only a few sips. He also said that he and other players drank shots before one of the 2008 Division Series playoff games in Tampa Bay.

What do you think about AJ’s comments? Should players be allowed to drink during game? Share your thoughts below in our comments section…

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  • The Pool Cleaner

    What’s the big deal? Cricket players in Australia drink beer when they’re in their version of the club house. When will we in this country stop being so damn prudish? Prohibition ended in 1932.

    • Mike

      Don’t think it has anything to do with being prudish. Alcohol is a depressant and slows your reaction time. That is just a fact. For a professional athlete to be drinking during a game is ridiculous.

      • Zubie

        I’m never depressed from beer.

    • Mark Gunderson


  • JenInChicago

    I like the honesty.

  • GO Southside

    After a Season like the White Sox had, Who could blame them. I am surprised that it didn’t come out before.

  • MrBlonde

    Who cares? I get absolutely hammered during White Sox games

  • Kevin

    AJ has played the most games and has the most hits of any catcher in the psat decade. I think he’s entitled to a rally beer every now and then.

  • Mike Partin

    I like beer, too

  • Tom Quaid

    I knew Ozzie drove people to drink… I just didn’t know that they’d ADMIT to it !!!

  • vince

    The Cubs should start drinking alot

  • bobber

    It looks bad but heck, just go to any Chicago park where 16in softball is being played (for money or not) and see how many beers are being downed!!!!

  • john

    Who cares, AJ always showed up to play ball, maybe Dunn and Rios should have had a few.

  • John

    No big deal. And arguing that it is bad because it is a depressant? Why not let the players snort a line before they plan on stealing a base? AJ could drink a case of beer and still be the best catcher in Chicago. Also, why are there still two teams in Chicago? Maybe wait for 200 straight years without a championship before the Cubs fold.

  • Freddie Kahucavich

    Now we have proof, the White Sox are idiots…

  • south sider1

    F’N AWESOME!! That could explain some of the loses but talk about have fun while at work!

  • el yaqui

    Could be the reason why A.J. could never throw out anyone at second.

  • JustMe

    Now I know why AJ moved to bleach blonde hair! I thought he was a flamer, but this makes sense. In any case, AJ is still a clown and needs to leave baseball because he will always be average. Just like the Sox fans.

    • Mike LaMantia

      Spoken like a true loser Cub fan, at least our catcher isn’t a “pothead”.

  • Ghee Buttersnaps

    Does anyone here realize that the Egyptians paid their workers in jugs of beer? It had a two fold purpose: payment, and the beer actually nourished the workers and kept them healthy. Just because something is abused or criminalized by others doesn’t justify demonizing it. With that said, having – A beer- while doing anything is not a big problem… having 12…. well then your in trouble, and super buzzed.

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