90-Year-Old Man Sentenced For Sex Crime

WHEATON, Ill. (CBS) – A 90-year-old Roselle man accused of sexually assaulting two children in 2007 has been sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty in the case, prosecutors announced Friday.

Chester Stabrowski, of 495 W. Maple, entered a guilty plea to a single count of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert B. Berlin said in a news release.

The charge stems from a 2007 incident in which Stabrowski invited two minors to his residence for a pool party and later sexually assaulted them, Berlin said. The prosecutor says Stabrowski met his young victims through volunteer work at St. Walter’s Parish in Roselle.  Berlin tells WBBM’s Bob Roberts the two victims were boys aged 11 and 13.

“The two victims still suffer the trauma and stigma of that attack, and they will be dealing with this for the rest of their lives,” he said.

Judge George Bakalis has sentenced Stabrowski to six years in the plea deal. Sentencing laws require Stabrowski to serve 85 percent of his sentence. But because he had been under house arrest since 2008, when he was first charged, he will get credit for time served.

Despite that, Berlin said, Stabrowski must serve 40 months in prison.

Stabrowski will be one of the oldest inmates in the Illinois prisons system.  Prisoners in their 80s and older are generally confined to a geriatric hospital unit at the Dixon Correctional Center, 100 miles west of Chicago.

Berlin said investigators received full cooperation from St. Walter’s Roman Catholic Church, where Stabrowski volunteered, and from the Diocese of Joliet.    

At sentencing, prosecutors said they had also developed information indicating that Stabrowski once molested a young girl. Berlin said no charges are contemplated in that case.

  • Roberta Waker

    Why did it take so long to arrest and convict him? He could have hurt more children while the investigators and prosecutors were dragging their feet. When charges are made his phone, cell phone, tv, computer, everything should be confiscated and friends and neighbors should be interviewed in a timely manner. It should NOT take four years to convict someone like this.

    • Jessie Fell

      As a defense attorney, I can tell you that the strategy here was to delay and deny as long as possible anticipating that nature will take it’s course—-keeping the client out of jail until he dies. There is a dispostion called “Death Suggested, Cause Abated.” Do not blame the courts or the prosecuters here……It is the defense lawyer and his “manipulation” or advocacy, if you will. It is not a matter of pointing fingers. These cases do take 4 years to resolve themselves.

  • Chicago Kid

    Chester the Molester.

    This is a sad case. If you can’t trust a 90 year old…who can you trust.

  • Antonio Cruz

    that is sad, this man is going to die in jail.

  • Antonio Cruz

    and his name just happens to be chester, oh my the irony

  • jboogie

    90 year old white sick man! And, he’s inside a Roman C Church. This is how sick some of our people are here in perfect white America. This why I say we need to stop pointing the finger at another and look at our own in perfect ways.


      Doesn’t change the fact that BLACKS are responsible for 99.9999% of crimes in America.

      • Durrr

        @JKo, If you aren’t already aware of this fact, maybe you should refrain from making a comment.

      • JKo

        Do you have any evidence to support this statement or is it just your own bigot-laden opinion?

      • JKo

        Simply claiming something as a fact doesn’t make it a fact. Show me your evidence. Show me facts with research. Because when I look at the news, I see criminals from every race and in fact, I see a lot of sexual predators are white. So when you are able to pull up some valid research showing that blacks are responsible for 99.9999 % of the crimes in America, I’ll refrain from making my comment. Until then, it’s still a valid comment whether you like it or not.

      • Shawntayontay

        @Lyndia, PLEASE get some help for your substance abuse problem. Smoking those crack rocks are killing you. Keep your stupid black ass racist babble to yourself, we are not interested in hearing it any more!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie

    2007? Why does our ‘justice’ system take so long – and WHAT (or who) was he molesting from 2007 until today?

  • Dr Style

    I knew Michael Jackson was still alive!

  • Bill

    Sick! These gay pedophiles are the worst of their breed. Disgusting!!!

  • sick joke

    Chester the molester strikes again!!!

  • another sick joke

    Hear about the Jewish pedophile? “Little girl,want to BUY some candy?”

  • still another sick joke

    Chester liked shopping at Target. The BOY’S PANTS WERE HALF OFF!!!!

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