GROBBER—Oct 25,2011


***Is it me,or are there more crummy NFL games this season than in recent memory? That Jacksonville 12-7 win over Baltimore was horrible Monday night. The Jaguars won by kicking four field goals. They never reached the end zone.

***No the Bears are back Stateside and have this week off. Then a week from Monday night they face the Eagles in Philadelphia. The Eagles are another NFC team they would be well advised to beat for tie-breaker reasons as the Wild Card could come down to that.

***Welcome to Chicago Theo Epstein. Today he has his introduction via a Wrigley Field News Conference. I remember when Dallas Green and Andy McPhail debuted with their own News Conferences,and Jim Hendry was simply elevated to GM in 2003 without much fanfare. This will get extra play since Theo is leaving Boston and this will be played up in both Cities.

***The NBA is likely to cancel two more weeks of scheduled Regular Season games today as this lockout continues to drag. YAWN!!! Just bring back Pro Basketball. Everyone is tired of this crap,especially after the NFL lockout this year too.


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