LAS VEGAS (CBS) — Former Cicero Town President Betty Loren-Maltese says the details about an unregistered gun that was found in her Las Vegas home are fishy.

Federal agents found the unregistered gun some time ago, and Maltese addressed the issue in an interview with CBS 2’s Rob Johnson back in February. Maltese said federal agents told her the gun was purchased by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.

But revisiting the issue in a telephone interview on Thursday, she told CBS 2 the details are fishy.

“The agent in Vegas had called the Water Reclamation District, and of course, they could not deny that they purchased it because of the records with the manufacturer,” Maltese said. “But they told the agents that they don’t remember whom they gave the weapon to, and I just find it strange that Water Reclamation would not know who they gave a weapon like a Glock to. So it’s obviously that they’re covering for somebody.”

A spokesman for the MWRD denies any wrongdoing.

Loren-Maltese was imprisoned for seven years, after being convicted of federal corruption charges in 2002.

In her federal criminal trial, prosecutors said president Loren-Maltese let Specialty Risk Management process all Cicero employee insurance claims for a 30 percent commission, which was funneled to mob boss Rocky Infelise.

Maltese served seven years, but maintained she never did anything wrong.

She has been seeking to have her conviction overturned, in hopes of regaining custody of her teenage daughter, Ashley, who lives with Loren-Maltese’s estranged sister in Alabama.

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