Occupy Chicago Holds Off On Grant Park Encampment

CHICAGO (AP) – Anti-Wall Street organizers with the Occupy Chicago movement say they’re holding off on another attempt set up a permanent base at Grant Park.

Occupy Chicago spokesman Kelvin Ho says the group met this week and decided not to try an overnight encampment Saturday night like they have in previous weeks.

Police have made more than 300 arrests over a two-week period after protesters stayed in Grant Park past an 11 p.m. city curfew.

Lawyers for the protesters have met with city officials about finding a more permanent home than their current location in the city’s financial district. They also requested that charges be dropped against those arrested. City officials denied both demands.

Ho says the group will continue to look for a permanent home.

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  • patrick

    The arrests take the focus off the point of the protests.

  • Michelle

    The protesters don’t HAVE a point. A “permanent home?” Seriously? They should just go back to their dorms, or go back home to Mommy and Daddy. What a joke.

  • Ggeorge Washington

    Stay strong!

  • Skyler Marks

    Everyone is talking about the protests. This is a good thing. We need to overthrow the government. We need change. No more former goldman sachs employees should be allowed to bail out their cronies. Banksters should be arrested for their crimes, not people trying to spend the night in Grant Park.

    • suzy diamond

      Good luck with that…ain’t never gonna happen!

    • Jay

      Crimes? No crimes. You’re an idiot!!

  • Da Southside

    They must off gone off to a Tea Party – take a job, any job like so many of those previous have done, WHAT a bunch of ‘entitled’ spoiled brats of all ages,
    The economy has been bad all over the world, everyone’s live has been effected, its just the other 99% of us are doing the best we can,


    • Ddayv825

      The same had been said of the Vietnam protests . Remember that war ? When McNamara said it was all bs years later ?

      • Da Southside

        What are you replying to, it has nothing to do when anything as posted. Move away from the keyboard before you hurt yourself…

    • suzy diamond

      What’s happened IS….they’re costing you and me and everyone, including themselves MORE TAX $$$$$ and they will not see the changes they’re marching for!

  • Ddayv825

    Occupy is an essential disagreement by citizens at the disgusting corruption of our Constitution rights and our elected officials by those with money

  • suzy diamond

    These people can find a permanent “home” at THEIR OWN HOME! Not everyone cares to have our city portrayed on TV like the rest of these cities! It has also RUINED business in those cities that are close to where these people are staying. WHAT about THEIR RIGHTS!

  • Guthrie

    Michelle, please stop…doing anything.

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