(CBS) Buddy Ryan coached the Bears defense to a Super Bowl Championship in 1985 and went on to be the Eagles’ head coach for five seasons. Tonight, he’ll be honored at halftime as the Bears and Eagles meet in Philadelphia.

Ryan, 77, is battling cancer for the second time, but the former Bears and Eagles coach has maintained his competitiveness as he claimed in a conference call Sunday night that if he had one more year in Philadelphia, he would have won a Super Bowl.

“We just needed a little bit to go to the Super Bowl,” Ryan said in the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We’d been very successful against the people in our division and should have continued that and went on one more year and would have been there. The sad thing is we didn’t get the chance to do it.”

Ryan added that if the current Eagles’ owner was in charge when he was there, “we’d probably have won five or six Super Bowls.”

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