By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) – Black Friday ads are already leaking out on shopping websites.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports on what we should and should not be buying the day after Thanksgiving.

Almost every Black Friday ad you’ll find on Thanksgiving is already featured on websites like And shoppers are already making their lists.

Is this the time to buy a TV?

“For some people yes, and others, no,” says Lindsay Sakraida of

Consumers can find a good deal on inexpensive models, she says.

But Sakraida says if you’re looking for a brand name such as Samsung or Sony, the best time to buy is in mid-December.

What about iPads? Sakraida says shoppers can expect deals on other computer tablets, but probably not the Apple version.

And if you’re looking for other Apple products, Sakraida recommends avoiding the Apple Store on Black Friday.

While the retailer may offer a 5 percent discount like it did last year, you’ll still find better Apple deals online at sites such as Amazon, Mac Connection and Mac Mall, Sakraida says.

Items you should add to your Black Friday list: laptops. You’ll find the best deals of the year.

Black Friday is not the time to buy toys, according to experts. Hundreds will be on sale, but they won’t be the lowest prices.

“You can get the best price closer to Christmas,” Sakraida says.

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