Report: Sandusky Recuited HS Players This Season

(WSCR) According to a published report, former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, who was arrested over the weekend on more than 40 counts of child sexual abuse, had been recruiting for Penn State football as recently as this past spring.

Adam Ah Ching, a senior linebacker at Greer High School in South Carolina, said that Sandusky actually visited him this past season as a recruiting ploy.

“He came to my last spring game going into my senior season. He liked how I moved, laterally, and how gifted I am,” said Ah Ching, ranked last year by ESPNU as the 26th linebacker prospect in the country.

Since the allegations surfaced, however, Ah Ching has changed his mind about Penn State.

“It’s very devastating to have a top-tiered program and have them drop like that,” said Ah Ching. “That really did play a big impact on where I wanted to go.

“All these recruits are decommiting because of that. It’s sad, depressing and devastating.”

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  • Denver Deadite

    PSU claims they’ve never heard of this kid, so it’s entirely possible that Sandusky was acting on his own with this.

    Either way, this doesn’t not reflect well upon PSU since they let Sandusky keep hanging around to begin with.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      No mention of whether Sandusky followed the recruit into the shower later.

    • Denver Deadite

      I’m not defending PSU on this one, but there’s a lot of doubt to this story, and it goes beyond PSU to recruiting services and so on.

    • akw

      PSU is lying. This guy is well known among recruiters, is being actively recruited, and all anyone has to do to know that is google his name.

    • Calling BS

      The 12th ranked team in the nation, known as Linbacker U, are saying they have never heard of the 26th ranked linebacker in the nation? Yea right.

    • Maurice

      Yeah? well, you’ll Forgive me if I don’t believe anything Penn State says.

    • John Mc

      Penn State claims to have never heard of a kid who is a top recruit? Excuse me for doubting that.

  • bncm

    This CBS story links to the original story on MSNBC. Can’t give credit?

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      MSNBC has such a dishonorable history of reporting, they were probably embarrassed.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    Jerry Sandisgusting.

    In Prison you can have All the perverted sex you want, it just won’t be with the innocent and naive.

    I know…….. Bummer.


  • JOe Dutra

    The authorities are giving these guys all the time they need to burn photographs and erase hard drives. Shameful.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      I wonder what Joe Paterno’s WIFE thinks of his moral failure. Or his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren, for that matter.

    • Ed9870

      Great point. There should’ve been a padlock on the Lasch building and the youth foundation headquarters the minute Sandusky was handcuffed.

  • Clay

    Jerry, do yourself a favor and kill yourself.

    • Terry Furlough

      If they don’t put Sandusky in the womens prison, they’ll be rewarding bad behaviour.

      • Uncle Willie

        Are you kidding. guess what Jerry has in store for him in the big house. They will torture him like nothing we’ve heard about, before he’s killed. Good night Jerry. Your tortured soul will eternally be tormented like ole Edward II. Hell has a big red hot poker waiting for yo az.

  • mkurbo

    Another victory for the left pedophile/gay/liberal behavior squad in taking down a great institution like Penn State. I’ll bet the Safe Schools Czar – Kevin Jennings – will rally the NEA to come to their defense since he is a known pedophile. But, don’t’ worry about the effects liberal socialism in our higher education institutions…

    • sensiblethoughts4u

      You can blame it on the liberals all YOU want, but I bet these guys are REPUBLICANS!

    • AJ Simkatu

      Most pedophiles are Republican. Read the list of Republican pedophiles here:

    • Susan Nunes

      What are you even talking about? You are completely inarticulate. The NEA has nothing to do with anything, and liberal politics has nothing to do with pedophilia. Besides, Paterno and Sandusky were/are Republicans.

      • PatrioticUSGlory

        NAMBLA calls itself a progressive (liberal) organization. They don;t like the stigma the word “pedophile” has been given. From everything I’ve read, they prefer “minor-attracted adult”, and have received much support in the broader liberal community.

      • Terry Furlough

        And NAMBLA is a liberal org.. and always support lib candidates and contribute to libs.. OOOPS!!

      • DaGhoul

        Nancy Pelosi did march in the same parade with NAMBLA for a reason, she agrees with them!

      • PatrioticUSGlory

        Beg to differ. The NEA has a huge influence: it protects teachers who have abused children, since it views not to protect the teachers as weakening union conhesiveness. It’s also why they oppose vouchers for poor children. Kids are not really the priority you might think they are simply because they’re in the education field, tangentially.

      • George Nesbitt

        Do some research on the NEA before you comment and call other people’s posts inarticulate. I’m an editor and I wouldn’t call mkurbo inarticulate, considering most posts I’ve read over the past few years.

      • Jane Davis

        Liberals want to change the name/term from “pedophile” to “minor-attracted adult.”
        Enough said.

      • mkurbo

        Are you kidding ? That’s a joke, right ?

      • sodacrackers2

        Susan, mkurbo i s right about the “safe schools czar.” Do some research on Kevin Jennings and then, if you have children, see if you feel comfortable with Mr. Jennings making decisions on the safety of our children. You might also want to look into the well funded, well planned, well organized “grass roots” progressive occupy movement if Mr. Jennings doesn’t worry you enough.

      • sue bowser

        And I am the King of Spain

    • Andrew B

      since when does pedophilia have anything to do with being gay? We’re talking about a heterosexual, Republican, football coach- using your ignorant logic, is it then fair to assume that the male, hetero, football coach agenda is trying to ruin higher education institutions?

      • wordygirl

        Since when does being a Republican have anything to do with being a pedophile? Did being a Democrat have anything to do with Polanski being a pedophile? No. Let’s keep the focus on where it shoudl be. These people are sick and a THREAT to our children.

      • NavyGuy Guy

        He’s a Democrat….

  • David Maxwell

    And to think, this creature is the father of six children.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      I find it abhorrent that Sandusky’s bail was set at $150,000 and he’s on the streets.

      • Terry Furlough

        Or in Jerrys case.. the queen.

      • Jeff

        It was $100,000 and only due if he fails to show in court. It pays to be the king.

    • Enes

      Child Protective Services might have some new cases right there. Let’s see if the powers that be allow them to investigate. That said, the perversion known as pedophilia is common in the worldwide power structure and investigations don’t go very far for that reason, especially when these “masters of the universe”-types are involved.

    • FYI

      Nope, he is not the father of six. All six were adopted. When he and his wife felt they could adopt no more, he started Second Mile.

      • Terry Furlough

        “Nope, he is not the father of six. All six were adopted.” If his wife had dressed like a Boy Scout they’d have a house full!!!!

      • scratchee

        I am the father of two children, both of whom were adopted. You may want to re-think your terminology. I think maybe you meant to say, “He did not father six children,” which has a slightly different connotation.

    • Jeff

      None are his biological children. He and his wife Dottie claimed to be unable to have kids. After looking at her pic, I wonder if the marriage wasn’t a cover.

      Dottie should not be excused from any of this – she absolutely knew he was a child molester. She called one of the victims before his grand jury testimony, it would seem to talk him out of it. They must have had a conversation as to which boy(s) would be testifying. Imagine that conversation!

      She was very comfortable with all the money and prestige, and didn’t want some “snot nosed kid” ruining it by telling the authorities her husband raped them. Dis-gusting.

      • Terry Furlough

        Like I said earlier..If his wife had listened to him and dressed like a Boy Scout they’d have a house full of kids!!!!

      • Jeff

        That’s what I was getting at. I see a sexless marriage. Do married serial child rapists have normal sexual relations with their spouse (esp. when the children are the same sex as the offender)? That’s tough to believe.

        I have heard his former players and others who knew him in town claim with 100% sincerity that Sandusky was inspirational and compassionate, but I also believe Jerry formed the Second Mile Foundation in 1977 so that he could have unfettered access to boys…esp. troubled boys without a good support system. I doubt many in their 50’s have a gay child rape epiphany. Given the 35 year history of Second Mile, there are likely upwards of 100 victims of various degrees. As in the grand jury indictment, Jerry probed each potential victim to see what he could get away with. Some boys proved more malleable than others. He had a system down. There was a child rape den in the basement for heavens sake. But Dottie didn’t know! LOL

        Dottie: “Why are you getting out of bed”
        Jerry: “I think I heard a scream and a moan coming from the basement. I’m going to go investigate. If you hear any more of those noises just ignore them.”

      • Turban

        Maybe his wife’s what the gays call a “beard.” She’s there to help project a false front of normalcy and decency.that apparently does not exist in that “family” in reality. I read there were concerns on the part of officials over the adoption of son, Matt. They even recommended monitoring the situation closely. Not closely enough, though.

      • Uncle Willie

        Can you imagine what that sick F did to his own adopted kids… Damn he only raped the others when he got bored of his own.. I say skin him alive on PBS finish him on the rack being drawn and quartered. Put his head on a spike on the gold gate bridge so those sick dead eyes can give warning to the city of Sodom

      • NavyGuy Guy

        How could she get pregnant if all he wanted was butt sex?

      • DirtyHarry

        On the money!
        I’d volunteer a long belt for each of their cell mates.
        High’m high!

  • steve

    I think its time to DISBAND THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM!

    • Comeuppance

      Joe Paterno lost my respect 10 years ago when QB Rashard Casey and ghetto friend beat unconcious a white off duty cop for dining with black fiance. He played 2 games later, Google it.

      • Terry Furlough

        It’s all about the game .. he po’d me when, out of the goodness of his heart.. he considered retiring AFTER RTHE SEASON WAS OVER as if the charges were nothing and would be covered up like before

        not this time slick..

      • To reader

        Reader, is all over for football at Penn State, the liberal media will support a new outreach known as “The Knitting Lions” who are liberal Yankee Men who are non-threatening to the media elite.

      • Come on mang

        I was not born yesterday. He was as innocent as Jordan Jefferson putting the boot to a Marine’s head at LSU. QBs are valuable commodities and charges are often dropped when high priced defense attys show up at court. Penn State’s Casey was arrested again for involvement in a fight outside a bar one year later. I bet if the white police officer was your son, you might not excuse it so rapidly.

      • Reader

        @ Comeuppance

        Rashard Casey was CLEARED. The reporter on the case misled everyone to think he was indicted. ONLY his friend, Desmond Miller, had been indicted in a second-degree assault charge. It’s all here :

  • Popeye Doyle

    Paterno is an accomplice to the PSU Pedophile Ring, he is just as guilty for allowing it to go on, they do it, because they think they can get away with it, someone needs to beat his teeth in. Animals have more dignity.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      If Penn State officials were willing to look past this, it tells me they were willing to look past a lot of other things. I suggest “journalists” — if any exist after how MSNBC and CNN and “JournoList” destroyed honest journalism — investigate reports of rape on and near the Penn State campus and find out how the victims felt their cases were handled.

  • omstrat

    Sandusky was the BIG coach winning BIG games getting BIG bucks for the school ..THEREFORE EVERYBODY looked the other way when it came out he was raping little boys. Hey guys , come on , whats more important than THE GAME and THE TEAM right?

    • philly; jim

      uh no, he wasnt a coach there since 1999.

  • Huey

    Sorry I missed the game today. I heard part of the Halftime show was the Village People performing while a Sodomy exhibition was going on at mid-field.

    • Terry Furlough

      sounds like san fran nancys city of brotherly diseases

    • foo


  • Sandusky Recruiting Players for Penn State This Year? | Fellowship of the Minds

    […] Via […]

  • James

    ” He liked how I moved, laterally, and how gifted I am,” said Ah Ching…..

    Translation; “He liked how my buttock tightened as I switched direction on field, and how he noticed my Cup was an XXL.”

    • Terry Furlough

      “He got visibly shaken when I told him my cup size was 3x.. but seemed to get angry when i told him it was xxx small.. (I am Asian after all)”

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    You go to the police when a CRIME is being or has been committed you don’t deal with it as an internal school problem. These people should be sued for every dime they have for their unmitigated failure to protect these children. Their only concern was the image of the school how pathetic is that reasoning.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      Ultimately, the taxpayers of Pennsylvania will foot the bill.

      • Harold t

        If big donors are in danger of being implicated (as has been alluded to in other reports), the investigation will probably be limited to Sandusky. Yes, the taxpayers of Pennsylvania will foot the bill — and they will probably be short-changed.

  • Joel Weymouth

    There are many reasons to be outraged by Paterno. What has blown my mind from the beginning is McQueary witnessing the act didn’t stop it. What a coward.

    The outrage of the news media is particularly hypocritical. They whine about Sandusky or t the Catholic Church – but there is a scandal pales in comparison -and the media says nothing. Read about it the study is on the department of education website “Educator Sexual Misconduct:
    A Synthesis of Existing Literature”.

    1 in 10 students in public school are in someone sexually harassed, abused, or molested EVERY YEAR. You are talking tens of thousands and the media SAYS NOTHING.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      Studies of reporteed sex abuse show the number of priests who molest kids is actually quite rare relative to the general population. (0.3% compared with almost 2%) The problem is 1 priest can molest a lot of kids, thus creating a whole other impression.

    • Jeff

      I give McQueary a pass on only one thing. People have crucified him for not immediately pulling Sandusky off the child. Obviously that is the right thing to do, but I think he may have been in shock. It can imagine it took a bit for his brain to even process it. He had looked up to his man his entire life, and Sandusky was then his boss. I think like warfare, none of us knows how we would react until faced with that grim reality. I once came upon a rape as a child and stood there frozen in shock. It couldn’t process what was in front of my eyes.

      That said, he should have IMMEDIATELY called the cops once the shock wore off. He called his dad because he wanted political advice. The child’s welfare was irrelevant to McQueary.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      I wonder how long McQueary stood there watching.

      • Terry Furlough

        oh .. between 8-10 minutes.. listening to the
        ‘rhythmic slapping” and rubbing one out..

    • Vstarrider1946

      The real question about McQueary is: Was he a victim of Sandusky years ago. Maybe he had the same experiences.

  • Grich

    I guess Penn State didn’t have a problem with Sandusky still recruiting for them as long as he didn’t give anyone a tour of the Penn State shower facilities. Cause, geez, JoePa and Penn State took care of it all when they came up wtih the comprehensive plan to ban Sandusky from bringing children on campus. That’s vigilance for ya.

  • Leland Williams Jr.

    Who recruited Sandusky? Paterno?

    • Terry Furlough

      Gary Glitter ..or given his age.. maybe Liberace.

  • Leland Williams Jr.

    PATERNO-Tee suit coming.

  • philly jim

    well, in my liifetime of watching penn state they’ve never had a kid with a name like adam ah ching, so i kind of doubt they were actually recruiting the kid

    • SC Greg

      He had a distant cousin named ah choo

      • Frankie


  • Thomas

    Sandusky recruiting for PSU is a violation of NCAA rules. It pales in comparison to the criminal charges, but it could lead to PSU’s football program being punished on an athletic front. The criminal charges are the most critical, but it could open a whole new area for the school to be punished.

    • Vstarrider1946

      Pen State’s problems are much worse compared to the “recruiting violations” committed by Miami or was it Fl State a few years back. The NCAA needs to pull their charter for a couple of years. No football for 2-3 years. Then rebuild the program. Maybe they will realize that education is the goal of the college. Not Sports programs.

      • Terry Furlough

        “No football for 2-3 years. ” ??? no.. this is “404 page cannot be found” Death Penalty stuff..

  • Marc

    Hero worship can be a dangerous thing guys. Teach your kids to talk to you about any time they get touched by anyone in their family/extended family, and then anyone else. I just don’t understand how sandusky could not be noticed bringing underage boys into showers at a university, back to 1995 at least. Like the Boy Scouts and hockey at most levels, guys with the power and phoney star status must also be restricted. NO sleepovers, NO out-of-town trips, NO fancy gifts. Leave all that for the Hollywood and Miami boytoys,(legal age men) in the many thousands.

  • billy bouy

    McQueary is the director of Recruiting. Any recruiting visits would have to have been approved by McQueary. This thing is deep and far reaching. The whole system and every coach under Paterno needs to go. He was so revered and worshipped, they’re all tainted with not quite understanding the real right from wrong.

    Recall about 7 years ago Paterno was involved in a road rage incident. A woman ran a stop sign on campus and he chased her down with his car to berate her, until the womans husband happened to come along and put a stop to it. When asked about it, Paterno replied, “I have a duty to protect kids on this campus and I have done this often to keep them protected”… ..where did it all go so wrong with Paterno when he cant distinguish between traffic safety and safety of a child being raped?

    • Terry Furlough

      she had 2 strikes against her

      1. not a donor
      2. wasn’t a male

  • Donald Yost

    Pedos run in packs, just sayin’

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      Just remember: a “pedophile” is a guy who is attracted sexually to children. It’s a psychological disorder. A pedophile may or may not ever act on his urges. A child molester, on the other hand, is the guy who actually performs the sex act.

  • Johnk K Massage

    There is a special place in hell for Joe Paterno. He will be boarding with all the pedophile Catholic priests. All in the same bed and Jerry Sandusky will be the mattress. I can;t believe Joe would chase down a woman in his car and not stop a rape when it is going on. He need to change his name to Joke Pathetic.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      Priest molesters account for 0.3% of all priests. Compare with almost 2% of the number in the general population.

    • Lou

      Joe didn’t witness the rape dumb ass . . . get your facts straight! Read the grand jury report before you shoot off your mouth. I can see that you never made any bad decisions in your life that you may have regretted. Congratulations on your reserved spot in heaven!

      • johnkmassage

        wasn’t Joe told about the rape when it was going on and he just sat on his fat ass.

  • Calvin


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