(WSCR) Before Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw four interceptions to the Bears defense on Sunday, he had thrown just four picks on the entire season.

To one Bears expert, Stafford’s performance was unlike anything he’s ever seen from the third-year quarterback.

“You had the added advantage that the Lions were just terrible,” NFL expert Hub Arkush told The Boers and Bernstein Show on Tuesday. “Matt Stafford, I’ve never seen him play a game like that. I don’t know how much of it was the Bears defense, how much of it was the broken finger, how much of it was just him having a brain fart — I don’t know, but it all added up for the Bears. At this point, on a four-game win streak at 6-3, and the Lions headed in the wrong direction, I do think the Bears will finish ahead of the Lions at this point when you look at the schedule. They’re in awfully good shape for the playoffs.”

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Though the Bears offense wasn’t operating at a high level, scoring just won touchdown in the 37-point performance, that’s nothing new for Chicago.

“That’s been the Bears’ recipe for four or five years now,” Arkush said. “You play defense, you play special teams and you hope for the best out of the offense. You got away with it on Sunday. I thought the defense played very well, obviously, special teams and (Devin) Hester played very well.

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