Video Shows Couple Stealing Kitten From Pet Store

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (CBS) – A couple brazenly stole an eight-week-old kitten from a northwest suburban pet store earlier this week – a crime captured on surveillance video.

A man and a pregnant woman came into Petland on Tuesday night and asked to see a male gray tabby kitten, spending “considerable time” with the kitten in one of the store’s socializing rooms, Petland said in a news release. At around 7:30 p.m., the woman slipped the cat under her jacket and the two exited the store, the release said.

Video released by Petland shows the kitten trying to jump out of the woman’s coat before she catches and conceals the animal.

gray tabby Video Shows Couple Stealing Kitten From Pet Store

The kitten stolen from a Petland store this week resembles this gray tabby. (Petland)

The young tabby, which was micro-chipped, was for sale for $299, according to the store owner.

“The kitten’s safety is the store’s primary concern. Young kittens require special care at this young age, if not taken care of properly he could become fatally ill,” the release said.

Petland notified Hoffman Estates police, according to the release.

  • E

    If someone has to steal a kitten, I’m pretty sure they can’t take care of it anyway. So why bother taking it? The fact that this woman is pregnant makes it even worse. Nice values to pass on.

    • Derr

      Ten zillion homeless cats in this world dumped by irresponsible owners and these two mensa members steal one???? DARWIN AWARD…

    • Lew

      I totally agree. Good people that will give a kitten a nice home don’t steal them. Imagine the filth and depravity that poor unborn kid will have to grow up in.

    • Dave

      A F***in cat!!!,and this is news…i guess all the “THUGS” and “GANGS” are locked up.

  • catlover

    299 for a tabby kitten ? That’s robbery alone ! They got a taste of their own medicine. 299 ? Please !

    • Jim Hamilton

      indeed i agree how ever the act of taking what isn’t yours can’t be tolerated. Besides it sounds like another mouth to feed is all they need NOT

  • Jana

    $300 for a kitten? Please go to your local shelters where there are thousands of kittens for adoption who may be destroyed while your out paying $300 for a kitten from pet mills!

  • mike

    I agree with Jana. Why pay $300 when the shelters are practically giving them away? Still the jerks who stole the cat have absolutely no class. I hope they get caught and jailed.

  • Betty Lamp

    $300 for a cat!!! Come on people, go to a shelter and save a life!

    • Jim Hamilton

      Don’t worry if they don’t get caught im sure that this cat will end up at the shelter too.

  • Joe Patroni

    This is American Mope culture. Anyway, within 10 minutes I can find a few kittens just running around the neighborhood. They are all over farms. Most farmers have a half dozen running around and will pay you to get rid of these things.

    • Roberta Waker

      If the farmers neutered the females; they wouldn’t have so many kittens running around. Responsible pet owners neuter their pets. Rather than pay $300 for a pet store cat, I too would suggest going to an animal shelter where they are often neutered and have their shots when you buy them. Don’t overlook an older cat as they make wonderful companions too.

  • Clara R

    Come to my neighborhood in NYC. There are plenty of kitties running around the streets!!

  • uggs

    I agree with you, but please look at uggs.

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