(WSCR) Without Jay Cutler, the Bears defense knows just how important their play is.

On Tuesday, Corey Graham joined The Mully and Hanley Show to discuss the new importance placed on the defense.

“That’s the way we always believe in Chicago,” Graham said. “We believe in defense and special teams. … We know that defense has to step up the game and be more accountable, just hold teams down. That’s what we always want to do.”

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Graham pointed to Julius Peppers’ ability to match up against any offensive lineman as a key strength for the Bears defense.

“That’s Julius Peppers,” Graham said. “That’s why he gets paid the amount of money he gets paid. He’s an incredible athlete. He can do a lot of things over there. We’re just trying to find ways to utilize him. I think the defense needs to continue to do that: try to find match ups that work in our favor.”

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