NW Ind. Teacher Fired Over ‘Inappropriate Conduct’ With Female Student

HIGHLAND, Ind. (CBS) — A northwest Indiana high school teacher has been fired and is expected to soon face criminal charges for what the school board described as “inappropriate conduct” with a female student.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports the local school board in Highland, Ind., fired teacher Sam Fies, 33, on Wednesday, after first learning of the allegations against him in October.

“I think it’s sad for the girl, but scary for the students,” said Highland High School student Shadia Alnajjar.

Students who know Fies also said everyone’s been talking about accusations against him for months.

Fies was fired after allegations he had inappropriate contact with a female student.

Alnajjar said Fies was her study hall teacher this year.

“I thought he tried to be too much of a friend to students and not a teacher,” she said.

School administrators said they found out about the alleged misconduct in October.

After the school board launched an investigation and reported the allegations to police, the principal recommended Fies’ contract be terminated.

The board voted to end that contract Wednesday morning.

“If, in fact, it’s true … it’s appalling that anyone would behave like that, particularly a teacher or someone you put in trust with your kids,” said mother Carin Olah.

She said her daughter had Fies as a teacher in 7th grade and, now, she’s questioning his conduct in her class, too.

“I could believe that he was flirting with us,” her daughter, Dakotah Olah said.

“It’s tragic,” Carin Olah said.

Asked if it concerns her that her daughter’s thoughts have turned to her prior interactions with this teacher now, Olah said, “Sure, sure. Because now, you know, she’s trying to think back and see, you know, is there something she might have done or something he was doing?”

The school board sent a statement saying “the entire School Town of Highland community is saddened and disturbed by these events. We pride ourselves in putting our students first.”

Officials have not said how long this alleged inappropriate relationship went on or what the extent of the inappropriate conduct was.

Those details could come out when the Lake County, Ind., prosecutor signs off on criminal charges.



  • Roberta Waker

    There is definitely something wrong with our system when so many teachers and coaches are guilty of sexual/inappropriate conduct with students. We need to do something to weed out these morons. There MUST be a way to screen teachers and coaches to prevent this kind of misconduct. Students need to be made aware that this kind of behavior isn’t right and to report it.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Yeah well Roberta what some of us find to be sick and A moral (HOMMOsexualsexfreakChildmoseters) people like the Daleys supported it and you support the Daleys go figure.

  • Curious

    What the hell is inappropriate conduct? This isn’t much of a story. What did this guy do wrong? This is important information, we need to know exactly what he is accused of. The story makes it sound like he raped her, but I doubt that’s the case!

  • Linda Smith

    I would like to know if anyone has checked out the credibility of the young woman that, that has falsely accused Mr. Fies of absurd accusation. I have know this young man for over 11 years and I know for a fact that this is something he would not do. I hope this girl realizes that when this accusation is false that the life of this young man has been totally ruined along with his family.

  • dont worry who it is

    linda smith… it doesnt matter how longuve known this coward we call a man he did something totally wrong and knowing some1 for 11 years or whatever doesnt mean anything because everyone has two sides of a personality and one of which u didnt ever get to c in the “11 years” u knew him and y would a student lie about something like this and if it wasnt true he wouldnt be fired right now and trust me i was a student of his as well and hes a creep and more then 90 percent of the students that have had him will agree so just to say people have many personality and u rarely ever get to see all of the different personalites people have and u didnt c the one he had on his other side

    • Linda Smith

      You ask why would a student lie? Maybe you should look at the other personality side of the person you are deffending!!!!!!!

    • What a tragedy!

      Linda Smith is his Mother in Law

  • Austin

    I was a student in Mr. Fies’ 7th grade Social Studies class and I currently attend Highland High School as a junior. Let me describe this man to you; he was unlike any other teacher in that middle school building. He enjoyed his job, and you could genuinely see it in his constantly vibrant face. He talked and you listened. Not because his voice was demanding your attention, but because he was so enthusiastic about teaching. He wanted to teach, so you wanted to learn. As the girl in the interview said, he is very friendly. He put a smile on every face in that classroom; even the face of the most timid kid — me. It’s a sad thing, but friendliness can get a man in deep trouble in our modern society. This man did nothing past being friendly and caring. So before you start forming rash opinions or altering previous ones just know that there are plenty of his former students who cannot and will not believe this. A man’s entire career, life, and family can be ruined from just one false accusation; think before you speak and be prudent in forming your opinions.

  • Inside Source

    The girl flirted with Fies, Fies didn’t ‘Rape’ her; she was willing as she made it seem to the word around the school. People are falsely accusing him and making it sound like he harmed her in a way. Supposedly during a class with Fies they hooked up, (3rd base both ways..) Not sexual intercourse. It was during school hours in his class and in another. There was only video tapes found of the two going into the classrooms together. Rumor has it that they exchanged texts and she sent him risque images. This is the story they didn’t mention on TV.

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